A Look into My World: Rio and I Reflect On Mother’s Day
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Today’s episode of Blended is all about Mother’s Day, an event which can mean so many things to different people. That’s why for today’s episode I really wanted you to hear my husband Rio’s perspective on this day. Rio and I talk about how our family has changed over the years and how our emotions of grief evolve around Mother's Day as time goes on. Rio will describe himself as not having massive highs and lows in his emotions but he’s really getting better at voicing his feelings especially around grief, and our takeaway message as a family is do what feels right to you. We decided not to put this episode out on Mother’s Day so you can listen in the build up, afterwards or whenever feels right for you. If you're struggling this Mother's Day, please be easy on yourself, the greatest bit of advice I've got was from Julia Samuel, just turn your phone off and try to enjoy the day. If you’re excited to be a part of the Blended community, make sure to follow @Blended on Instagram.
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