Planning Solo Parenthood with Liv Thorne
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This week on Blended we have an inspiring conversation on single parenthood with author of the book ‘Liv’s Alone: Amateur Adventures in Solo Motherhood’, Liv Thorne. When Liv Thorne was in her twenties, and single, she would joke to friends that if ‘Mr Right’ didn't come along she'd have to take matters into her own hands and have a child on her own. When she was still single in her thirties, it stopped being a joke and she started researching sperm banks and fertility clinics. Having chosen donor sperm from a bank in Denmark, her first three attempts to conceive via natural IUI failed. Liv had said to herself that she would try 4 rounds of IUI before she would undergo the more invasive (& expensive) route of IVF. Happily, and somewhat surprisingly, it was her 4th round of IUI that resulted in a successful pregnancy. Liv gave birth to her son on her Dad's birthday who sadly died when she was 12. Her Dad had always called her Little Herbert, which is why her longed for son is called Herb. Liv gives us a really honest account of what it's taken to create her family through sperm donation, the financial burden, and how you need to be especially kind to yourself if you decide to start a family solo. As always, these conversations show that there’s no ‘normal’ way to raise a child, the main thing is to show them support and love. If you’re excited to be a part of the Blended community, make sure to follow @Blended on Instagram.
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