OKO - AI Co-pilot for the Blind. A new iOS App for Detecting and Interpreting Traffic Signals Welcome Back Ayes Co-Founder, Wellem Van de Mierop
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Willem Van de Mierop returns to the Blind Abilities Studio to announce the OKO App release in the United States. Available in the App Store, OKO - AI Co-Pilot for the Blind is a Traffic signal detecting application that instantaneously gives audio and haptic feedback so one can augment there traveling experience by gaining more information about a traffic signal situation. Willem talks about all the features and advantages that the OKO App offers Orientation and Mobility students and instructors to bring more confidence and awareness to the real time experience of a traffic signal situation. You can download the iOS app OKO on the App Store and find out more about the company Ayes on the web at Ayes.AI. Here is a link to a previous interview with the Ayes team. Thanks for listening. Contact: You can follow us on Twitter @BlindAbilities On the web at www.BlindAbilities.com Send us an email and give us a call at 612-367-6093, we would love to hear from you! Get the Free Blind Abilities App on the App Storeand Google Play Store. Give us a call and leave us some feedback at 612-367-6093 we would love to hear from you! Check out the Blind Abilities Community on Facebook, the Blind Abilities Page, and the Career Resources for the Blind and Visually Impaired 
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