A League of Their Own (1992)
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Another foray into the secondary theme of this season, "Men tell women they can't do things...and then they do it anyway!" Come for the hot takes on Madonna's performance (emphasis on HOT), stay for hot insider tips on the bike-share program in Paris. Find out who the character of "Lilmer" is and why Jessica has recently played her and which Betty can do the splits. We also talk about the movie (eventually), and how much we are all NOT rooting for whiny kid sister Kit or drunk Coach Tom Hanks. Jessica hits us with some historical facts about the story this movie is based on (they really DID have to wear skirts and go to charm school!) and Betsy schools us on the "90s does 40s" fashion trend. We pay respect to the badass ladies that lived through this era and to the editors that make baseball feel wayyyy more exciting than it does IRL. Tune in and follow us at BlockbusterBetties on Instagram and email us love letters at [email protected]!
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