Dance with Me (1998)
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This week’s episode is the beginning of three dance movies we’ll be discussing, and HOW could we forget about this pivotal late-90’s dance movie starring Vanessa Williams and Puerto-Rican superstar Chayanne? We realized how, because this movie is EXTREMELY FORGETTABLE, making it even more fun to talk about, DUH! This movie however DID make us crave Cuban food, and we were also notably moved by several of the dancing scenes...even if they could have left out half the plot and we would have been happy. Why do we think this movie was made? Does it deserve ANY golden scrunchies? And WHO on earth would name their kid Kris Kristofferson? Tune in to get all the takes! Starring: Vanessa Williams, Chayanne, and Kris Kristofferson Follow us on Instagram at @blockbusterbetties and send love notes to [email protected]
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