Danicopan add-on therapy in PNH, neural networks to identify bone marrow cells, and RNA editome and hematopoiesis
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In this week’s episode, we’ll review results of a phase 2 study showing the beneficial effects of a first-in-class factor D inhibitor as add-on therapy in PNH patients who remain anemic and are transfusion-dependent despite C5 inhibition. Next, we’ll review the work of researchers who have developed a neural network that they say is highly accurate in differentiating between bone marrow cell morphologies. We’ll close with a report demonstrating that RNA editing of antizyme inhibitor 1, or Azin1, is a novel regulator of hematopoietic cell fate that can influence self-renewal and differentiation.
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In this week’s podcast, we’ll discuss real-world outcomes comparing route of CNS prophylaxis for aggressive non-Hodgkin lymphomas, learn more about the association of clonal hematopoiesis with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and discuss the efficacy of all-trans retinoic acid plus low-dose...
Published 01/20/22
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Published 01/13/22