Season 1, Episode 46
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In this week’s episode, we will review a study on the involvement of lysine-specific, we’ll cover some of the latest findings in COVID-19, multiple myeloma, and myelodysplastic syndromes. First, we’ll review an observational, multicenter study suggesting that convalescent plasma with anti-SARS-CoVid-2 antibodies may be a promising therapy in B-cell depleted patients who have prolonged COVID-19 symptoms. Next, we’ll discuss a research article showing that inhibition of JAK-STAT3 signaling with ruxolitinib could upregulate CD38 expression, thereby enhancing daratumumab-mediated cytotoxicity in multiple myeloma. Finally, we’ll review a report showing for the first time that in MDS, machine learning algorithms can be used to reveal novel associations between morphologic features and genetic lesions that may have important prognostic implications.
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