Season 2, Episode 22
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In this week’s episode, we will review a study in sickle cell disease patients reporting abnormal retention of mitochondria in circulating red cells and elevated mitochondrial DNA in plasma, learn more about the fate of FLT3-ITD clones in AML patients treated with midostaurin, and look at a study showing, for the first time, that selected elderly patients with newly diagnosed multiple myeloma benefit from modification of standard myeloma treatment based on the level of frailty.
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In this week’s episode, we will learn more about the use of high-dose post-transplant cyclophosphamide in matched unrelated donors versus HLA haploidentical grafts, review prognostic factors and outcomes from the largest cohort of patients with angioimmunoblastic T-cell lymphoma reported to date,...
Published 07/22/21
In this week's episode, our studies include an analysis of thrombosis in pediatric patients with COVID-19, the predictive value of the CLL-international prognostic index in monoclonal B-cell lymphocytosis and Rai 0 stage CLL, and results from a phase 2 trial in newly diagnosed multiple myeloma...
Published 07/15/21
In this week's episode, we will review a study that addresses the issue of reconstitution of immunity to cytomegalovirus in transplant patients receiving the antiviral drug letermovir, learn more about the role extracellular vesicles play in forming a tumor supportive stromal cell niche in...
Published 07/08/21