Another Blow to Gay Rights Likely
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Constitutional law expert Michael Dorf, a professor at Cornell Law School, discusses the Supreme Court's conservative justices hinting at support for a Colorado website designer who says she has a constitutional right to create websites only for opposite-sex weddings.Dan Papscun, Bloomberg Law reporter, discusses the FTC's focus in Kroger's $24.6 billion aquisition of Albertsons.June Grasso hosts. See for privacy information.
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Professor Joshua Kastenberg of the University of New Mexico Law School, a former prosecutor and judge in the US Air Force, discusses Trump losing a critical court battle to keep legal details secret from the Special Counsel investigating his possible mishandling of classified information and...
Published 03/24/23
Published 03/24/23
Bloomberg legal reporter Greg Farrell discusses how former Trump fixer Michael Cohen may be about to get the role he’s been auditioning for since 2018: witness for the prosecution against his old boss, Donald Trump.Professor Carl Tobias of the University of Richmond Law School, discusses why...
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