Just talking about what we like on show that we really like
Published 06/19/20
Sharing little of my background history. A little twist mix with a reviving a secret spot
Published 06/05/20
Published 04/15/20
Published 04/15/20
Just finding way to relax have peace and clam
Published 04/01/20
Just things that I like to do on my own time
Published 03/08/20
Describing my 10 reasons about others that are close to me
Published 01/27/20
Just want say something good
Published 12/25/19
Showing I am creative parts of baking
Published 10/26/19
With new fresh look starting over with kick
Published 09/09/19
Just saying goodbye to my loyal fans & friends
Published 08/14/19
I am hoping you enjoy
Published 07/09/19
Just random thought
Published 05/23/19
Just telling stories that comes to my mind
Published 04/06/19
Showing who I am that saying I am unique side
Published 03/27/19
Make a memory that friendship never ends.
Published 03/11/19
Seeing a different points of views new movies coming out
Published 02/24/19
Just little trip of members with some fun singing voice
Published 02/17/19
This song was from Wicked the musical basic on a true story. How the wicked witch of the west history growing up with a special gift. That shows wicked witch of the west unique talent.
Published 02/02/19
Just want to see to make your own heroes/ villains. With a little bit of singing
Published 01/25/19
Both sides of Blue Swan Jones
Published 01/13/19
Every day living
Published 01/07/19
What are you looking forward in 2019
Published 12/26/18
Finding ways to make things fresh
Published 12/05/18
Any topics they want to hear
Published 11/24/18