trans folks + allies: get a binder/give a binder (whispered) (+ updates)
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hi! i'm taking more time to rest. my vacation continues! my goal is to get back to posting episodes in February. i'll be transitioning to posting every other week instead of every week as i have been up until recently... this schedule will fit my current ~life situation~ better. new early-access episodes are already available to listen to on my patreon page for as little as $1/month: (new binder-support tiers are live!) this episode is for trans folks and our allies~ get a free binder from morebinders! or donate to morebinders: get a free binder from the transition closet! or donate to the transition closet: How chest-binders benefit trans folks: helps prevent suicide, reduce depression severity, and reduce gender-dysphoria severity; helps boost self-esteem, confidence, and gender-euphoria. Can reduce the risk of folks experiencing transphobic violence. more binder benefits (with citations): How to chest-bind safely: use the right size binder, don't double-bind (use two binders at once), take breaks (off days), don't bind for more than 8 hours at a time if possible, use a binder meant for binding, for an exercise binder go up +1 size, avoid sleeping in your binder more binder safety tips: * Welcome to bluemind ASMR, your personal relaxation station. I’m your host, blue skies (they/them/theirs). Please enjoy tonight’s episode. Headphones recommended~ * do you want to meet fellow bluemind ASMR listeners? consider joining the bluemind ASMR community discord server: * shout-out to a few of my wonderful and amazing patrons: Moonflower, Tom, Lara, and Jo! 💙💚 * bluemind ASMR is a listener-supported podcast; that means no ads, no sponsorships. you can support the show (and get rewards) by becoming a patron: (new binder-support tiers are live!) * You can now support me by becoming a member on ko-fi! get sweet rewards for monthly donations. (tiers and rewards are the same as on patreon, just delivered by a different website.) * set up a recurring donation (no reward) here: or leave a one-time donation here: * you are on episode 171~  * this episode goes public on January 3rd 2022 (first episode of the new year)~ * discover more at * commission a custom ASMR audio: * contact: mailto: [email protected] * Disclaimer: This production is pure entertainment/art, and is not equivalent to professional help/advice. Take any advice offered with a heap of salt. blue skies cannot be held liable for any harm supposedly incurred from listening. Keep in mind that all role-plays are fictional scenarios, and all stunts are performed by a foolhardy amateur. * Copyright: This episode is the original work of myself, blue skies. CC-BY #lgbtq #lgbtqia #lgbtq+ #lgbtq2ia --- Send in a voice message:
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