Dissecting some of the most polarizing legal issues in the world of sports W/ MICHAEL MCCANN
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While John is on vacation, enjoying his time away from Bob, Richard Deitsch has volunteered to fill John's role as co-host for the week.  To kick off the week of Deitsch we bring on Michael McCann, a legal expert for Sportico, to talk to Bob and Richard. With many legal battles raging throughout the world of sports, Michael gives us some insight and helps us understand some of the most polarizing stories that hit our news feed. Whether it's UCLA and USC's decision to join the the Big Ten, the options the PGA has when it comes to disciplining the Golfers that have joined the LIV tour or how long the NFL should suspend Deshaun Watson, Michael dumbs down the information that Bob would've otherwise not understood. See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
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