The birth of twins Noah and Joey, advocating for yourself in the hospital system, and birthing 8.5kg of baby with Leila Armour from Village for Mama
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We are so excited and honoured to share the birth story of twin boys Noah and Joey for the incredible Leila Armour in today’s episode.  Leila is a Postpartum Doula, Holistic Nutrition Consultant and Mother of now three, living in south-east Queensland. She is the author of the postpartum recipe book, Village for Mama - Nourishment for the Fourth Trimester. Leila is dedicated to helping new mothers feel held and supported through nourishing food and a village. She is also clearly a rockstar as you will learn in this episode, and has the most beautiful and honest perspective on her experience, including how her mindset shifted towards hospital birth and interventions.  Kate was literally on the edge of her seat the whole time. IN THIS PODCAST WE COVER: How it felt to find out she was pregnant with twinsLeila’s birth plan and how this changed once she realised she was having twinsMoments of twin pregnancy, including getting post datesConversations around induction and the pressure and support she received from her care providersAnd of course all of the juicy details of how the birth unfolded… which you will have to listen to find out!Today’s episode is brought to you by Halcyon Nights. Halcyon Nights, which was founded in Melbourne by Kym and her 2 daughters around the dining table, takes a fresh, creative and sustainable approach to baby and children’s wear - with a few things for Mumma too! Last year they launched a new organic range of Daydream Basics, with everyday essentials for babies women from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton. The range embraces soft marles, fun speckles, comfy ribs and flexible waffles that are like a hug for your baby (when they let you put them down!) and will have them covered from birth to 2 years of age. They also have a selection of functional day to night garments for mumma with easy breastfeeding access in matching organic fabrics to your little one. You can use the code BOOBTOFOOD for 25% off the Organic Daydream Basics Collection - Valid for the next 14 days. Visit Follow us on instagram @boobtofood to stay up to date with all the podcast news, recipes and other content that we bring to help make meal times and family life easier. Visit for blogs and resources, to book an appointment with one of our amazing practitioners and more. Presented by Luka McCabe and Kate Holm To get in touch please email [email protected]
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