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Hour 1: Gio opens with Judge but Boomer quickly switches it to the Rangers. Gio pivoted back to baseball and Boomer quickly switched it to basketball. Gio pivots back to baseball and Boomer keeps it on baseball. Teams still seem to blame Carlos Correa for the Astros cheating. What are the next moves for the Yankees and Mets? Gio said the Mets rotation is ‘Grumpy Old Men’. C-Lo is in for Jerry and Gio thinks he has the flu. He says he had the flu, but he’s over it now. Gio didn’t like the Warm Up Show today because it was too much sports and he blamed C-Lo for it today. Brian Cashman said Hal Steinbrenner was the Mariano Rivera of the Aaron Judge negotiations. We went around MLB to catch everyone up on free agent signings. The Knicks got a great performance by Julius Randle and they beat the Hawks. The Nets beat the Hornets and Kyrie had 33, KD had 29. KD was asked about Aaron Judge and said he doesn’t care about him at all. The Jets have a few players with the flu. Von Miller is out for the season. The Raiders and Rams play on TNF tonight and the Rangers beat the Golden Knights by scoring 4 times in the final period. In the final segment of the hour, Gio said there is no way for Baker Mayfield to start for the Rams tonight.  Hour 2: We have an issue with the sink in the kitchen where the coffee machines are. The Islanders sent us a bunch of stuff to celebrate their 50th Anniversary. A family in the Dominican Republic exhumed their grandmother after a decade and she is still preserved. They paraded her around town. C-Lo returns for another update and has audio from Aaron Boone last night regarding Aaron Judge staying with the Yankees. C-Lo and Gio go back and forth on what the Yankees need to do going forward. The Mets added a few pitchers and Billy Eppler talks briefly about Japanese pitcher Kodai Singer. The Knicks had no problem with the Hawks. RJ Barrett can’t believe MLB contracts go for nine years. The Jets have a few players with the flu and Von Miller is out for the season for the Bills. Baker Mayfield will be suited up and ready to play for the Rams tonight. Demarcus Lawrence is not interested in the OBJ circus. The Rangers had a huge third period and beat the Golden Knights. In the final segment of the hour, Rico Bosco left Barstool and is coming to Audacy. Probably going to work at Bet QL.  Hour 3: Who has the better chance at an upset, the Jets over the Bills or the Giants over the Eagles? Breaking news, Brittney Griner has been released from a Russian jail in exchange for an arms dealer. Boomer is happy for her and her family, but we have a former marine still in prison there. People are going to be screaming about this. We left a marine there. C-Lo returns for an update but first we talked about Kenny Smith pushing Shaq into a Christmas tree. Aaron Boone talked about Aaron Judge coming back. We also went around the MLB and free agent signings. The Knicks beat the Hawks at MSG and the Nets beat the Hornets. Mike Tomlin likes players that want more action in the game. And the Rangers scored 4 goals in the final period and beat the Golden Knights. In the final segment of the hour, Brittney Griner gets released from a Russian jail in exchange for the Merchant of Death. Meanwhile a former marine of ours still sits in a Russian jail. Boomer calls it another check against the way our country is being run.  Hour 4: Dan in Carteret calls to say Boomer has said all along that Aaron Judge owes it to other players to take the best deal. But he took the Yankees which was a lesser deal. We also talked more about Brittney Griner’s release. C-Lo returns for an update but first Gio reads tweets from Micah Parsons on the Brittney Griner release. He tweeted to Biden, ‘we still not voting for you’. Boomer thinks we look pathetic as a country based on our President. C-Lo has some audio from President Biden on Brittney Griner’s release. We also went around the MLB’s free agent signings from yesterday.
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