Dan O'Toole discusses the fallout from Mike Babcock's actions. And Carey Price's career came to a quiet, sad ending, leaving fans reflecting on his journey.
Published 09/20/23
Published 09/20/23
Dan O'Toole and two-time Super Bowl champ Brandon Stokley provide a recap of NFL Week 2. For starters, what in the world happened to the Broncos?
Published 09/18/23
Hear Dan O'Toole's recap of Week 1 in the NFL and his thoughts on Aaron Rogers' injury. Plus, free agency news with Mike Trout in Toronto?
Published 09/13/23
Dan O'Toole and Michael ("Sully") Sullivan provide a recap of NFL Week 1. They also offer their predictions for the rest of the season and which teams might make it to the Super Bowl.
Published 09/11/23
Dan O'Toole discusses how to fight through back-to-school fears and offers a long-awaited update on Ron the Cat. Plus, Dan may or may not have golfed with Sidney Crosby...find out in the latest installment of Boomsies!
Published 09/06/23
Dan O'Toole picks his dream five-band concert lineup. Z-Money and Producer Tim offer their choices, too.
Published 09/04/23
Dan O'Toole has the pleasure of dining with one of his dream guests -- Theo Von. The Subway takeover prompts a debate about what’s better: Subway or Arby’s? Dan also reminisces about the legendary Bob Barker.
Published 08/30/23
Dan O'Toole weighs in with his Top Five Fast Food Chains. He gorges on a smorgasbord of artery-clogging favorites, including fried chicken, biscuits, French fries, and more. Which chain do you think snagged the number one spot?
Published 08/28/23
From deep-fried insects and exotic meats to bizarre flavor combinations and outrageous presentation, Dan is all Festival Food talk in the latest Boomsies! Plus, Dan's latest trip to the dentist reveals his top secret prep to help with a dentist visit.
Published 08/23/23
What was the most productive NHL entry draft of all time? Dan O'Toole has the answers right here.
Published 08/21/23
Dan goes to great lengths to secure Taylor Swift tickets for her upcoming stop at Rogers Centre in Toronto. The recent discussion about aliens has Dan speculating that some NHL players might not be human at all. And Dan reflects on the FS1 launch, 10 years on.
Published 08/16/23
In this edition of Boomsies, Dan O'Toole welcomes former Canadian MLBer Ryan Dempster. Ryan dishes on whether Shohei Ohtani is the best baseball player ever, eating pizza with Will Ferrell on the mound, and challenging Barry Bonds.
Published 08/09/23
Dan O'Toole asks what kind of money it takes to run a charity golf event and discusses Stomp the Stigma, a mental health awareness organization. Plus, a Peppa Pig Live review and remembering Paul Reubens aka Pee-wee Herman.
Published 08/02/23
Dan O'Toole talks about sharing Christopher Nolan's air and asks why other people don't know how to organize their own dishes. Plus, why are movies so much better during flights compared to their terrestrial experience?
Published 07/26/23
In this episode of Boomsies, Dan O'Toole reports from the West Coast BetRivers compound in British Columbia. The O’Toole family (sort of) ran into Connor McDavid at the airport and Dan’s daughters bet the ponies. Turns out, family trips are well worth the hassle.
Published 07/19/23
On this installment of Boomsies, Dan O'Toole, Z-Money and Tim discuss what they did on summer vacation, and Dan reports on his first-ever pineapple experience. Plus, you'll hear from Calgary Stampede correspondent Natasha Staniszewski. Subscribe to the Boomsies with Dan O'Toole Podcast, presented by BetRivers.
Published 07/12/23
On this episode of Boomsies, Dan O'Toole and Z-Money review the 2023 NHL Draft. Dan responds to listener messages, including one about the greatest TV theme song of all time.
Published 07/05/23
In this episode of Boomsies, Dan O'Toole breaks down yet another terrible NHL Award show. Plus, hear Dan’s thoughts on Tim Hortons along with some of the latest trends on buying coffins.
Published 06/28/23
In this episode of Boomsies, Dan O'Toole golfs with Olympian Manuel Osborne-Paradis. Plus, can Dan tell the difference between NHL Draft Prospects and video game characters? Finally, Leroy talks Canadiana.
Published 06/21/23
On this episode of Boomsies, Dan O'Toole discusses the Vegas Golden Knights' triumph in the Stanley Cup Finals. Plus, thoughts on Nick Taylor's Canadian Open win and Boomsies Newsies.
Published 06/14/23
In this episode of Boomsies, Dan O'Toole says Jay Monahan betrayed PGA loyalists by abruptly merging with LIV Golf. Plus, he responds to your emails and welcomes Sully for a chat about the Stanley Cup Finals.
Published 06/07/23
Dan O'Toole talks about 90's nostalgia, neverending bridge construction, and Boston creams. He also reads fan emails -- and gives away the final CHL prize pack of the season!
Published 05/31/23
In this episode of Boomsies! with Dan O'Toole, Hall of Fame goaltender Eddie Belfour joins the show. Plus, Dan’s daughter wants him to be an MMA fighter, ChatGPT should run the Leafs, and reactions to listener voicemails. 
Published 05/24/23
In this episode of Boomsies, Dan O'Toole breaks down the Leafs' exit from the NHL playoffs. He also wrestles with Remi (the cat) and discovers that The Weeknd is no more. You'll also hear his responses to your messages.
Published 05/17/23