The ladies uncover the compelling personality of a traumatized young woman, Ester Cox. She was completely tormented by something in the same province where Jen & Kim live, but almost 150 years ago. Is it true that the ghost who haunted Ester carved her name in her bedroom wall, or stabbed her in the back twice (with the same knife) into the same wound in 1878? This episode includes excerpts from the book "The Great Amherst Mystery" written by Walter Hubbell. 
Published 08/13/21
Published 08/13/21
In this episode, Jen fills you in on what's been going on in her world while Kim is filming another season of Haunted. Our friend and director, Dillon Garland will tell you personally the most intriguing story about how his grandfather who passed in 2006 came to visit us all, and how this shaped Dillon's paranormal journey. There was something exceptionally magical about that place where we met Edna... The Boscawen Inn in Lunenburg, NS left us on edge, scared, but oddly at home thanks to our...
Published 07/30/21
Podcast Episode Description: In this episode, Jen and Kim discuss some pretty compelling haunted funeral homes. While we were doing some research for this episode, we found out that My Way by Frank Sinatra is the number one requested song at funerals. Towards the end of the show we give undeniable thanks for your support over the last 2 and a half years. Follow our journey of Boos and Bourbon 2.0 on instagram @boosandbourbon for the latest and greatest in the paranormal.
Published 02/19/21
In this week's episode, Kim and Jen cover the history, mystery and hauntings of one of America's most haunted homes. The Whaley House first of all was built on gallows and a graveyard, so that in itself makes for a haunted foundation. After the Whaley's had a lifetime of despair within the home and shortly after they died, the house became more and more haunted. Also, what's up with the staircase? Kim sips on Distillery 477's Tower 56 Bourbon. Enjoy!
Published 02/12/21
In this episode, Jen gets inspired to dive into researching some interesting ghost stories of Scotland. There seems to be many old ghosts who roam some old homesteads and castles, but have you heard of the Headless Horseman of Dun? it's a scary one! The ladies live in a small Canadian province named Nova Scotia, which is latin for New Scotland, so they thought it was fitting to sip on a Nova Scotian whisky that got into some trouble with the Scots regarding its name and how it cannot be...
Published 02/05/21
In this episode, Jen and Kim discuss what goes bump in the night at theatres. After investigating one themselves for season 5 of Haunted, they can safely say they found at least one ghost. The ladies take you behind the scenes and describe what happened during this investigation and how it can relate to another haunted theatre. The New Amsterdam Theatre on Broadway. While getting creeped out the ladies sip on and review 1792 Bottled in Bond.
Published 01/29/21
Back in December of 1956, Dr Perelson put down his book, grabbed a ball peen hammer and murdered his wife with it. When the police arrived, they found the doctor overdosed on drugs and dead. The house was pretty much abandoned since then, and has been littered with ghost stories. That's where Kim and Jen come in... From ghosts ringing doorbells and screams in the dark, this place has so many stories attached to it. The ladies sip on one of their favorite whiskies, Michter's American Blended...
Published 01/22/21
After watching so many ghost investigative shows visiting the Hales Bar Dam, it was time to do an episode about it. The ladies take you on a trip to visit some spirits that are really attracted to water. First stop, The Dam, in Tennessee and second stop?! The Crazy Water Hotel in Mineral Wells, which has now been converted into a senior's home. Can you say creepy!? In the bourbon segment Kim samples Glenfiddich's 14 year Bourbon Barrel Reserve.
Published 01/15/21
Some speculate that her death was indeed no accident, many conspiracy theorists believe that the death of Marilyn Monroe was a murder. Some speculate that her close relationship with John F Kennedy had something to do with it, since only 77 days after she sung him the infamous “Happy Birthday Mr President” she was found dead, face down in her bed… This is why her ghost has been dubbed one of Hollywood's hardest working spirits. The ladies sip on Woodford Reserve Master's Collection Select...
Published 01/08/21
So it's 2021, and you didn't think things could get much worse, but guess what, it's now the start of the Zombie Apocalypse. Ok, not really, but imagine if it was? Jen and Kim invite filmmaker and YouTube creator, Chelsea Comeau to talk about her favorite things... Zombies! They dive into some crazy stories about real zombies, just not the type you're used to seeing on TV, and some stories that could be real from The Zombie Survival Guide: Recorded Attacks by Max Brooks.
Published 01/01/21
In this Christmas special, Jen and Kim talk about their most beloved Christmas traditions as well as the age old tradition of telling ghost stories around the fire at Christmas time. The ladies tell their favourite stories and make a very special bourbon egg nog cocktail. To make your own, pour 1.5 oz. of Maker's Mark and 4.5 oz of your favourite egg nog over ice. Sprinkle a touch of cinnamon and nutmeg over the top and enjoy.
Published 12/25/20
On this episode Kim invites Canadian Whisky Corner’s Aaron Blake to hash out the movie the Shining. From Jack Nicholson’s character, acting and Ghost to the eerie isolation vibe the movie projects, Kim and Aaron discuss all things spooky with this hotel and story. They sip on Antique 107 from Weller.
Published 12/18/20
The ABV Network's very own Bourbon Sasquatch, Steve Akley comes on the show to talk all things Cryptid with Kim. They dive into the mysterious nature of the Mothman, so they ask questions like... is he good, is he bad? What stories started the frenzy behind this creature? Do you leave baked beans as an offering for Mothman when you visit his monument? What do Kim and Steve like to drink? Bookers, but more specifically LIttle Book, Chapter 4.
Published 12/11/20
Jen and Kim discuss a topic they aren't personally familiar with, have you heard of people getting into romantic relationships with a spirit of someone who has already passed? They discuss stories from 3 women who have had not only romantic, but very physical relationships with ghosts. One was engaged to a ghost, one married a ghost and one just had one night stands with 9 ghosts! The ladies sip on Woodford Reserve Double Oaked.
Published 12/04/20
Join Jen and Kim as they celebrate their 100th episode with new listener's stories, new bourbon and lots of laughs. Thanking the listeners from the bottom of their ghostly hearts, the girls are overjoyed that they've made it this far in the podcasting world. This episode also includes 4 outtakes at the end. The full video version is available on YouTube, just search for Boos & Bourbon to find it.
Published 11/27/20
Jen and Kim discuss their mind opening experiences with the paranormal as of late. Jen has some questions about a Ouija board and Kim can't get over the possibility of a ghost actually being able to touch someone. They also cover one of the most horrifying poltergeist accounts and it just happens to come from Amherst, Nova Scotia, their home province. Buckle up ghosties and bourbon drinkers, this is a wild ride for your mind and for your tastebuds. Bookers (Theresa's Batch) really packs a punch.
Published 11/20/20
Unsolved Mysteries has recently reported on this devastatingly sad phenomenon with the paranormal in Japan. In 2011, a giant tsunami demolished NE Japan and ever since people have been seeing drenched spectres arrive at their door looking for dry clothes, taxi drivers being beckoned to take their passenger to a place that no longer exists and even children playing outside of a school that is currently nothing but rubble. The ladies sip on Weller 12 and talk about what they're NOT doing on...
Published 11/13/20
On this episode of Boos & Bourbon, Jen and Kim invite their pals on the other coast, The Ghost Story Guys to tell stories of the Fae. Why does Brennan feel uncomfortable with this topic? Well you're going to find soon. The Fae encompass the realm of Fairies, Banshees, Gnomes, and other smaller beings. We deep dive into the forest and mushroom rings for this one. Please enjoy and leave an offering for the Fairies.
Published 11/06/20
In this episode, Jen and Kim invite Curse of Oak Island's Drilling Down host & host of the new History Channel's Beyond Oak Island, Matty Blake. Matty is a paranormal enthusiast and knows a thing or two about the Bridgewater Triangle. We're talking all types of Cryptozoology, but most importantly, the sexy Sasquatch and the mischievous Puckwudgie. Matty also unveils his plans for a new paranormal inspired podcast coming out late this year. This is an episode you're not going to want to miss.
Published 10/30/20
In this episode, Jen and Kim talk about the sinister side of Halloween. They go over a lengthy list of unfortunate events that have happened on Halloween's of the past and it may make you wonder if the Devil had anything to do with it. From horrific looking decorations turning out not to be decorations and things going boom, there are many situations that may make you weary. In this episode, Kim sips on Jim Beam's Devil's Cut bourbon. 
Published 10/23/20
We've had so many people reach out to us and ask us about some of our favorite spooky movies (it is that time of year). So here are our top 5 that made our skin crawl, they aren't the goriest of movies, and that's ok. Well, that's not really our jam anyway, but they are the ones that have made us scratch our heads and question the hell out of things. For each story plot we have included the musical score to each of the movies just to make things extra creepy. 
Published 10/16/20
In this episode, we discuss Mary Shelley, the author of Frankenstien. We get into who Frankenstien was and who is Frankenstien's monster. We also take a look at some theories on perhaps why the book was written and talk about some unusual types of medicine that was going on during that period. Electricity and cadavers... get the hint yet? We paired this with an electrifying 10-year-old Bulleit bourbon.
Published 10/09/20
In this episode, the first installment of the 2nd Annual Halloween October Spooktacular, Jen and Kim invite fellow ABV Network personality Miss McNew on the show. Stephanie talks about her true crime podcast show and how she's been getting ready for Halloween. Jen, Kim and Stephanie all read of their most favorite stories surrounding true crime cases that have a morbidly paranormal undertone. Think demonic possessions, the Devil made me do it and a ghost coming back to solve her own murder.
Published 10/02/20
Jen and Kim just can't believe they've done 91 episodes on the ABV network and you're not sick of them yet? Imagine living to be the age of 91, just like some of our grandparents have. Speaking of grandparents... What do you think of the idea of a haunted Grandfather Clock? Although the clock doesn't need to be haunted to be creepy, the ladies uncover some crazy stories about death, clocks stopping, and clocks being haunted. Kim sips on Stagg Jr Bourbon, the new kid in Nova Scotia. 
Published 09/25/20