Ranking the Biggest Transfers Still Alive This Window
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We're into Dean Jones' favourite week of the year—transfer deadline week! With that comes the end of all the sagas that have been running on all summer: will they, won't they, what happens now? With that, we thought we'd take a peek at the biggest stories left to come this window and see how they might turn out.  Before that though, there's Hot Takes, where Sam shows some love to Ronald Koeman's new-look Barcelona; Dean tells the cautionary tale of Antonio Rudiger and why his future may lie elsewhere; and Jack talk about the Suarez-led, swashbuckling new Atleti side which demolished Granada on the weekend.  Of course there's also discussions of City's new man Ruben Dias, and the Klassiker-Super Cup in Germany, whether Dortmund can halt the Bayern machine; a Melon of the Week for an Arsenal full-back; and a Royal Rumble-themed Nonsense Ranking.  It's Ranks! Enjoy it whilst you can!  See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
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Published 10/16/20
The chapter has come to an end, ladies and gentlemen, and this is Episode 106, the last ever episode of B/R Football Ranks. It's been real. Thank you so much for sticking by us, and remember that whilst our time here is done, you can now find us over at Ranks FC.  This is our best bits. We hope...
Published 10/14/20
The European transfer window is over and the biggest deals are all done and dusted until January, so we thought it was only right to talk about the biggest deals and which clubs had done the best business. Sam picks the five teams who won the window, but we talk across Europe with some honourable...
Published 10/07/20