247 | 8-Step Competitive Positioning Process (Find Your Difference)
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Learn how to position brands effectively with this 8-Step Competitive Positioning Process. 👉 Learn more: https://brandmasteracademy.com/brand-master-podcast/ First you’ll learn how to analyse your target market and segment your audience. Next you’ll discover the importance of defining your buyer persona or customer avatar. Then we’ll dive into the picture painted by demographics and psychographics before we look at how to evaluate the competitive with competitive research. Later we’ll get to the nuts and bolds of brand positioning by learning how to discover gaps and opportunities before developing them into a unique competitive advantage and ultimate an effective brand positioning strategy For more brand strategy resources and downloads visit https://brandmasteracademy.com/
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Published 03/23/23
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Published 03/16/23
Published 03/16/23