MooreBMX 014: Leigh Ramsdell of Mongoose Bikes
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Leigh Ramsdell is the Sports Marketing Manager at Pacific Cycle or Mongoose to be more specific. Before his time at Mongoose Leigh had a career as a Professional BMX rider with legendary brands backing him like Wilkerson Airlines, Airwalk, Homeless Bikes, Blacken Clothing, and more. He competed at X-Games and even had his own clothing company called Useless Clothing. Leigh has been an announcer for BMX contests and showed up quite a bit in Props videos of the past. From the outside looking in, Leigh has had an amazing career in BMX. Let's chat with him about it! Episode with Video - T-Shirts & More! - Episodes with video - Thank you for choosing to spend your time listening!  If you enjoyed it, share it with a friend. Consider Subscribing on Youtube - If this helped you in some way, consider supporting the channel with my Join button for a membership or through my store! Patreon -
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