A Week Of Women's BMX! - BMX News 2/17/23
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RIP Craig Stevens - https://digbmx.com/dig-this/in-memory-craig-stevens UCI Diriyah World Cup - https://www.instagram.com/stories/ucibmxfreestyle/3039585735992608395/ Woodward BMX Ep 2 - https://youtu.be/rNB9uyZZTm8 Women’s Weekend - The Bloom - https://youtu.be/XITHoqIwIuk Ray’s MTB - https://youtu.be/xq8peyQIwSo My Video - https://youtu.be/6Tdght8zX5s VIDEOS Jesse Gregory - Welcome To GT - https://youtu.be/tHQDYpK77e4 Harrison Arcari - Animal Pro - https://youtu.be/iJER8rWtPAA Spinellis - Pizza Thugs BMX - https://youtu.be/NQnQCXM8SZQ Martin Habada - TBB Bike - https://youtu.be/JmX9bZWrU4g Eric Hennessey - Circuit BMX - https://youtu.be/No5o4ahdWSw Zenith Riley - Local BMX - https://youtu.be/GvwirIxAh9I Adam Piatek Vancouver Streets - Kink - https://youtu.be/r7gs01zrM8Y Islands BMX - 2 Days In Gran Canaria - https://youtu.be/f6ix8CWtfSg Boyd Hilder - Battling Bali - Odyssey - https://youtu.be/U2VH0gNaTyE Unlock The Spot - Max Miller - https://youtu.be/4roEgNKmNa0 BSD Vancouver 2nd Angle Raw - https://youtu.be/nLL_dAYbs4U WAFFLES3 - https://youtu.be/sndsNXOYtvw OP BMX - Misery - https://youtu.be/WuxZv4D3vmI PRODUCTS Ike Duly Build - S&M - https://youtu.be/OuWdtPimr-o Dan Banks WTP Seat Promo - https://youtu.be/_EcUgVtQ1-c S&M Factory Friday - https://youtu.be/FOULABPCZk0 INTERVIEWS There aren't enough characters for the GT On The Road Bloom BMX interviews. Go to www.thebloombmx.com for it! Broc Raiford Bike Check - Source - https://youtu.be/7usxnTWmzSM MooreBMX 019 - Jesse Gregory - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i_ZZ7n8scG0 MooreBMX 020 - Rooftop - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qs3cvwQjEeI Unclicked - Creativity In BMX - https://youtu.be/GZsncbKx3TU Kanode Knows - Felix Prangenberg - https://youtu.be/IkXHQ0fiwYo
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Parker Heath is arguably one of the most underrated riders of the current age of BMX. However, this is quickly changing as he had some incredible videos release from both  @GTBMXFreestyle  and  @demolitionparts . He was also just bumped to the Demolition Pro team so let's chat with him and learn...
Published 05/24/23
Zack Gerber is one of the most passionate people on the planet when it comes to BMX and the culture of BMX. He isn't afraid to speak his mind and talk about things that many shy away from. Talking about the things that many people can't or won't is part of why I made this youtube channel and he...
Published 05/19/23
Published 05/19/23