It's Me, Hi, I'm the Problem It's Me (Shannon Beador DUI, Southern Charm Full Recap, RHONY Full Recap)
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Whats up Bros?! We are back with Southern Charm this week, but first we discuss the recent news out of the OC. Shannon Beador got a DUI and we have some thoughts. Shooter and Steel have slightly differing opinions on the matter but at the end of the day, the important thing is thank god nobody got hurt. Then we're back in Charleston with our charming crew. Craig and Paige are in the same exact spot in their relationship as Craig seems ready to take all the next steps and Paige seems to not be on the same page... (no pun intended). Shep gets home from a trip around the world as he is working on getting over his relationship with Taylor. Meanwhile, Taylor and Olivia have gotten very close over their break-ups. Madison shows off her new beautiful family, and we here at the BravBro's couldn't be happier for her and Hudson as it seems like Brett is genuinely a good dude. Things heat up at the wedding after-party when Taylor lets emotions get the best of her and she goes after Craig for his role in covering up Shep's shenanigans. While Taylor has every right to feel scorned, Craig isn't the one that cheated on you. The cherry on top of the entire episode is Austen's awkward interactions with Madison and Brett, but it appears as though Austen is going to take center stage with Taylor as rumors are swirling about the two of them... Then were back in ANGWILLA which we now know how to pronounce finally. The ladies continue to try and get to the bottom of Jessel's backstory and Erin and Sai speculate that maybe Jessel is overplaying the difficult upbringing a little in order to relate to Brynn and Sai. We're not here to say Jessel had it easy but in comparison to what we heard from the other two women, it does seem as though she may be reaching a little bit. The episode centers around a "prank war" via Ubah and Erin and ends with one of the dumber pranks and altercations we've seen on Bravo. A phone was taken, which is a dumb prank, and it escalates to the point of Erin and Ubah screaming at each other the next day. But love may be in the air as Brynn attempts to woo Jenna and we are here for it. While we don't actually think they'll be getting together, its amazing to see Jenna have some fun, joke around and come out of her shell a bit more. So buckle up Bro's we got lots to discuss! -- This episode is brought to you by Manscaped. Look good, feel good, play good. Words we live by here at the BravBro's. Help your man feel his best with the new Lawnmower 4.0, no more nicks or cuts when getting your business in order down there. Just a clean shave and that confidence you've been waiting for. Go to and use code bravbros20 at checkout to receive 20% off plus free shipping! -- This episode is sponsored by Rocket Money. Don't let unused subscriptions drain your wallet anymore! Go to to download the app for free. Cancel unwanted subscriptions and manage your money better! Time Stamps: Shannon's DUI (8:40) Southern Charm (18:18) RHONY (1:00:25) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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