You Can Leave! (RHOSLC Full Recap, RHOC Full Recap)
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What's up Bro's? We start the episode off with Shooter's new segment of current events and were talking Kelce+Swift. Then its off to RHOC where the ladies are finishing up their trip to Mexico. Jenn and Ryan are still a hot button issue as the ladies can't seem to think of anything else interesting to talk about. Meanwhile, Heather has become the punching bag of the group. While Heather does have her flaws, we see the group pick her apart for every little thing and its getting old in a hurry. All it looks like to us is that everyone is jealous of Heather and her wealth. The group visits a Shaman where intentions seem to be peace, love and understanding but when we get to dinner that all goes out the window. Heather is in the crosshairs again when Tamra forces drama on her with stupid allegations of things Heather has said and Tamra continues to be unwatchable. Heather leaves the table and hints at potentially being done with the show altogether due to the other women's treatment of her. Then we're back with the Salt Lake crew at the Trixie Motel. The rest of the group arrives to find Whitney and her unexpected guest Angie. Meredith does not care for it at all and instead of trying to not bring attention to herself, Angie decides she's gonna be defensive and rude to Meredith. To get ready for dinner, the group decides to go shopping and pick out outfits for one another. Whitney turns into a scientist getting married, Lisa looks like she's headed to Coachella and Angie dresses herself... They head to Carey Grants old house which is now a five star restaurant and Lisa gets upset about her clothing for the affair and mentions once again about the loss of her $60k ring. At dinner they play the most boring game of "interesting facts about yourself" followed up with a horrible idea, Warm and Fuzzy/ Cold and Prickly which sets the stage immediately for disaster. Heather doesn't trust Angie, Monica is sick of hearing about Lisa's ring and wants her to be more aware and Angie tops it all off with a toast to the Greek word meaning fake. Meredith has an all time blow up and gives us the gift of You Can Leave! Before sharing with Lisa that she may have some dirt on Angie's husband. Is that true? Or is this a pattern with Meredith like she did with Lisa last season..? This episode is brought to you by Rocket Money. Stop paying for unused subscriptions and manage your money the easy way with Rocket Money! Go to to download the app for free! This episode is sponsored by Manscaped. Say goodbye to cuts and nicks and start grooming with ease. Whether its for you or a loved one, the Lawnmower 4.0 is the best trimmer for all your bodily needs and no more cuts! For 20% off and Free Shipping go to and use code BravBros! Time Stamps: Current Events w/ Shooter (2:23) Rose and Thorn (5:40) RHOC (9:16) RHOSLC (44:01) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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