There's chemistry in the air!
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In this interview with Dr. Cora Young from York University, she and Paolo discuss her work in environmental chemistry to quantitate and do forensic tracing of persistent and problematic pollutants. This touches on the laboratory, modelling and field-based aspects of her work, which includes locations from the Arctic to the home kitchen.
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We close season 3 with a charismatic and stimulating guest. Jesus Velasquez is a charming and talented materials scientist with deep roots to his motherland of Puerto Rico. Our conversation spans from his work with nanostructured solid materials that have potential to help address environmental...
Published 07/20/22
Join us for an episode that makes the link between the science, and the person behind the science, as clear as a hot day in Saudi Arabia. Dr. Derya Baran shares her adventurous path and background with us before talking us through her development and application of functional, non-silica-based...
Published 07/06/22
Published 07/06/22