This captivating conversation with Dr. Will Tarpeh from Stanford University centers on the how chemistry is finding ways to recover valuable resources from wastes. His innovative way of thinking stands to provide economic incentives to develop applications with tangible benefits for human life and the environment.
Published 01/06/21
This conversation with Dr. Lauren Zarzar of Penn State University delves into her creative and observational approach to chemistry and her lab’s study of understanding and controlling microscale systems to create macroscopic effects.
Published 12/09/20
This interview with Dr. Tina Li of CMC Materials delves into the science of chemical mechanical planarization of semiconductors and how it benefits all of us in our everyday lives. Paolo and Tina also discuss her career path and what a career in an non-academic environment is like.
Published 11/25/20
In this interview with Dr. Cora Young from York University, she and Paolo discuss her work in environmental chemistry to quantitate and do forensic tracing of persistent and problematic pollutants. This touches on the laboratory, modelling and field-based aspects of her work, which includes locations from the Arctic to the home kitchen.
Published 11/11/20
Interview with Dr. Frank Leibfarth from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill about his group's exciting work in polymer chemistry as well as topics related to his collegiate football career and the challenges of managing an academic lab in the era of COVID-19.
Published 10/28/20
Interview with Dr. Steven Townsend from Vanderbilt University covering his career path and current work leveraging organic chemistry and an interdisciplinary approach to understand the chemistry of human milk.
Published 09/18/20