In the final episode of series 1 George and Paul come face to face with the man many people credit with creating the Britpop sound, Luke Haines of The Auteurs. Luke was one of the most interesting and vocal personalities of scene and laid it all out in his book 'Bad Vibes: Britpop and My Part in Its Downfall'. The boys get into that, who Luke still sees on occasions from the Britpop days, and his current solo projects. The BritPopCast will return for series 2 so please hit follow and rate...
Published 03/11/21
Mark Sutherland is a renowned journalist who was at the eye of the storms as Britpop hit the World. Hear him tell Paul and George about the importance of magazines like the NME, how open the bands and artists were as everyone drank in the same pubs plus which section in the NME was one of the most fun to edit.
Published 03/08/21
Reef were the hairy brothers in the world of Britpop and carved their own niche whilst enjoying massive success with Place Your Hands, Naked, Come Back Brighter and others. A modified Place Your Hands went on to be one of the musical highlights of TFI Friday and it’s these stories and more, including a toilet run in with the legendary James Brown, that Paul and George get into with frontman Gary Stringer. Contact the show via @britpopcast on Twitter and Instagram to send us your Great Gig...
Published 02/11/21
Truly an icon of British music Bez is synonymous with pills ‘n’ thrills and a whole lot more. From the bands origins, successes, to moments of having nothing to his name Bez spills all including how fitness has now changed his life and after years of chemicals what now features in his dreams! Don't forget you can get in touch via @britpopcast on Twitter and Instagram so send us your Great Gig In The Sky, your Britpop spotted or request who you might like Paul and George to track down and...
Published 02/04/21
Dodgy captured the complete feel good nature of Britpop with songs and a presence that couldn’t help but make you smile. It wasn’t all plain sailing for the band though. Frontman and songwriter Nigel Clark takes Paul and George through how they came up with their name, how they signed their label and why he stopped performing for 5 years. Don't forget you can get in touch via @britpopcast on Twitter and Instagram so send us your Great Gig In The Sky, your Britpop spotted or request who you...
Published 01/28/21
Lisa Moorish came into the music business as a 17 year old providing vocals on a number of tracks before releasing her own solo material and even dueting with George Michael. She was also at the centre of Britpop living with the likes of Meg Matthews before dating and having a child with Liam Gallagher. In large parts of the press Lisa was portrayed as something she wasn’t but went onto front Kill City and continues to make music and act. Don't forget you can get in touch via @britpopcast...
Published 01/21/21
Death in Vegas were a musical sponge soaking up influences from dub, electronica and psychedelica to fuse into their own style. Mat Flint served as their bass player and serves up memories to George and Paul of odd lunchtime gigs streamed to the Far East, waving unsuspectingly as their tour bus got nicked and turning down Creation Records.
Published 01/14/21
Gomez burst onto the scene in 1998, scored a Mercury Prize, a headline slot at Glastonbury and a change of musical direction on the Britpop scene. In this episode Tom Grey takes Paul and George through stopping fights between Oasis and Starsailor, how one band’s misfortune led to a double Glastonbury set and seeing David Bowie destroy two pieces of musical history.
Published 01/07/21
The Seahorses were John Squire’s post Stone Roses band and were fronted by this episodes’ guest Chris Helm. Chris talks candidly about the control of the band, from songwriting to interacting backstage, how he was spotted busking and that inturn led to some resentments from fellow musicians at the time plus he ends with a belter of a story for George and Paul about supporting the Rolling Stones.
Published 12/31/20
In part 2 of Paul George’s chat with the legendary Peter Hook they cover producing The Stone Roses and being forced to choose production jobs, facing Joy Division trolls and how he got pulled into the Yorkshire Ripper murder enquiry.
Published 12/24/20
As a member of arguably two of Britain’s most iconic bands, Peter Hook has had a front row view of some very special musical moments. In the first of two parts, Hooky talks Joy Division, New Order, getting sober, naughty Ibiza holidays with The Happy Mondays and how to this day he still feels nerves stepping out on stage.
Published 12/17/20
As keyboardist in the Inspiral Carpets Clint Boon laid part of the foundation for Madchester and Britpop. After the band split it took Clint back to reality but also to solo success and a new career as a DJ and broadcaster. With Paul and George he looks back on the lasting friendships of the Manchester scene, how Noel Gallagher was his roadie and selling merch financed the band’s first album.
Published 12/10/20
In what the NME described as “the new acoustic movement” Starsailor scored a massive Platinum debut album with further success to follow. Frontman James Walsh joined the BritPopCast to talk about the birth of the band, going onto work with the legendary but now disgraced producer Phil Spector, conflict with Oasis and being joined on-stage by Peter Kay.
Published 12/03/20
Britpop’s PR pioneer and the author of the brilliant Lunch With The Wild Frontiers: A History Of Britpop And Excess in 13 and a 1/2 Chapters, Jane Savidge joins Paul and George to talk representing Suede, the birth of Elastica and taking calls from 10 Downing Street. Jane was the beating heart of Britpop PR and not only saw it all, was the start of it all.
Published 11/26/20
ick McNamara and his brother Danny began Embrace at the bottom of their garden in a shed before going on to release 7 studio albums to date. Their albums Out of Nothing and This Day have been given the reissue treatment so it seemed like an ideal time for George and Paul to revisit 90s tales of label bidders wars after sending out the band’s demo, scoring numbers ones, some slight agro with Oasis and how a stag-do led to a KFC advert.
Published 11/19/20
George and Paul are taken through Shed Seven's formation and first gig by frontman Rick Witter plus almost breaking the abstinence of a true American rock n' roll legend, the success of Shedcember and accidentally writing a new record.
Published 11/12/20
Jagz Kooner is the king of remixes in the 90s working with the likes of Primal Scream, but not only that he formed one half of the Sabres of Paradise with the late legend Andrew Weatherall. In this episode he talks to Paul and George about how he began his musical career, how that journey brought him to the attention of what would become his band mate Andrew Weatherall and from famously remixing Primal Scream and many lost night on tour with the likes of Primal Scream and The Dust Brothers...
Published 11/05/20
Rowetta takes Paul and George on a trip as she recalls setting her sights on being in The Happy Mondays, who she had to win a competition to make it on tour whilst in the band, reliving the drama of a Bargain Hunt Scandal and the reveal of how she’s been sampled by a band you would not expect.
Published 10/29/20
Which member of Oasis was fast asleep photographing the now iconic album cover for Be Here Now? Before that, how was Berwick Street chosen for (What’s The Story) Morning Glory? How do you react when Noel Gallagher asks you to come up with an idea on the spot after listening to Shakermarker?
Published 10/21/20
Welcome to the BritPopCast with George Lewis and Paul McCaffrey. In our debut episode we get the pleasure of speaking to Brian Cannon, a man who’s work you’ve laid eyes on more times than you’ve realised. We get into how a start in graffiti led to creating Oasis’ iconic logo and being the vision behind The Verve’s album artwork.
Published 10/14/20
Published 10/07/20
Episode one of the BritpopCast arrives 15th October so hit subscribe so you don't miss it and here's George and Paul with more about the podcast.
Published 10/07/20