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Heads up for the people who want us to stick to history – this one’s all rabbit holes. On today’s episode, we review your reviews. Find out how we feel about reviews like: * “You guys are like the ‘missionary position’ of 20th century history.” * “The good: they talk about history in terms that rubes can understand. The bad: they aren’t particularly good at it” * “This is the most accurately described podcast I have ever come across—and not in a good way.” Support on Patreon: #250
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On occasion, we come across a historical story that we’re shocked we didn’t know about. On today’s episode, we present to you 6 of them. We cover the Puerto Rican Nationalist movement in the 1950s, and specifically a four day period of revolutions for Independance and assassination attempts that...
Published 09/19/22
Today we talk about the impact of foreign governments on US policy and Think Tanks. Specifically, how the Taiwan lobby paved the way for Pelosi’s trip this summer. We also discuss the origins of the “One China Policy”. Check out this article:...
Published 09/12/22
Published 09/12/22