Causes of WW1 – Twisted Politics in Serbia
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Today we discuss the brutal murder of a European Monarchie, hyper nationalism in Serbia and the origins of the secret regicide network known as the “Black Hand” (you know, the guys who kill Archduke Ferdinand). As Ralph Raico says – “The immediate origins of the 1914 war lie in the twisted politics of the Kingdom of Serbia.[1] In June, 1903, Serbian army officers murdered their king and queen in the palace and threw their bodies out a window, at the same time massacring various royal relations, cabinet ministers, and members of the palace guards. It was an act that horrified and disgusted many in the civilized world. The military clique replaced the pro-Austrian Obrenovic dynasty with the anti-Austrian Karageorgevics. The new government pursued a pro-Russian, Pan-Slavist policy, and a network of secret societies sprang up, closely linked to the government, whose goal was the ‘liberation’ of the Serb subjects of Austria (and Turkey), and perhaps the other South Slavs as well.” Did you say murder? Well now I need to listen. Support on Patreon: #261
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On today’s episode, we discuss the events that played out after the assassination of Franz Ferdinand that turned a regional conflict between Austria-Hungary and Serbia into a global war. We focus on the Schlieffen plan – the German plan to win the war early by invading neutral Belgium. Support...
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Published 12/19/22
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