Rachel Clarke: Breathtaking
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Diyora Shadijanova (https://twitter.com/thediyora) speaks to the author of ‘Breathtaking: the UK's human story of Covid’ - Dr Rachel Clarke (https://twitter.com/doctor_oxford). They discuss why she felt the need to cover the pandemic in the early stages, how the Governments non-action has impacted the NHS, and the lasting effects the 2020 and the ongoing pandemic is having on her. In next month’s book club we’ll be discussing ‘Shedding The Shackles’ by Lynne Stein, so get reading now and send in your thoughts and comments via voice-note to [email protected] Don’t forget to share the podcast and join the conversation using the #BroccoliBookClub. And if you liked what you heard why not leave a review on your favourite podcast app.
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Published 11/25/21
Breathtaking: the UK's human story of Covid is written by Palliative Care Dr Rachel Clarke. Dr Clarke gives us an in-depth overview of the first four months of 2020 of the developing pandemic, where she describes the behind the scenes of NHS hospitals during that period of time. She shares how...
Published 11/04/21
Educated is a coming of age #1 New York Times bestselling memoir, which has been translated into 45 languages. Written by the author Tara Westover about growing up in a strict Mormon survivalist home. The author takes us through her peculiar upbringing detailing the many accidents, near death...
Published 10/20/21