108 – Introducing: Trash Tiddas
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Introducing the new Awesome Black Podcast: Trash Tiddas! Welcome to episode 1 of Trash Tiddas: Native Rose! We’re recapping and kneecapping, throwing boys in the bin and enjoying the first episode of the 2021 Bachelorette. Trash Tiddas are breaking down all of the fun, steering clear of toxic masculinity whilst we bring a Blak perspective to Brooke Blurton’s romance journey. Get in the dumpster with us.  Hosted by Tully De Vries, Amy LF and Brooke Scobie Trashtrology by Jessie and Lu of Magpie Song Healing (find them on Instagram) Produced by Amy LF Edited by Brooke Scobie and Travis De Vries Music by Source Decay An Awesome Black Podcast Follow TrashTiddas on Instagram and join the Friends of Awesome Black Facebook Group to hang out with the hosts of Trash Tiddas. 
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Published 10/27/21
Thirsty boys, that’s right we’re thirsty, and you can’t eat a shake. This week’s spooky adult themes include: BroTime, Klu Klux Dogs, A History of Objectifying, Black and White TV, Wurst Wuggles & Eat Shakes. If you need some advice on how to be a better Aboriginal hit us up on twitter, in...
Published 09/24/21
That’s right folks! We did it! Yay us! We hit the 100 episode mark and we brought in a bunch of special guests to help us celebrate! Big thanks to Tully De Vries, Brad Franks, Kira Djnalie, Teresa Tan, Nathan Sentance & to all of you! There’s no real adult themes this week, just a whole lot...
Published 09/24/21