Ep 217 - I'm Getting a Lump Sum of Cash, How Should I Use It?
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We got so many supportive messages from you all after last week's show. Thank you! This week we're trying to figure out what summer might look like, when we might be back in our offices, and who will be the first people in our quarantine bubble. Then we're answering your questions like: How do I handle closed credit cards to improve my credit score? I'm expecting a large lump sum of money, I need some advice on how to use it. Check out the links below for more information: Secured Credit Cards: https://www.magnifymoney.com/compare/secured-credit-cards/ Credit Builder Loans: https://www.self.inc/ Calculate your noodle Budget: https://thebudgetnistablog.com/noodle-budget-101-how-to-adjust-during-financial-crisis/ Reach out with your questions to brownambitionpodcast@gmail.com or hit us up on Instagram @brownambitionpodcast
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