Black Women Must Always Keep Their Faces Fixed
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In this episode of the podcast I'm exploring the topic of how we must "mask" and keep our faces fixed in order to be accepted and valuable. This is a huge problem and one that we've had to deal with for centuries. Advertising Inquiries: Privacy & Opt-Out:
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Published 06/05/23
Whew, Chillaayyy!! This conversation is a great one, y'all. I'm in conversation with author, yoga teacher and life-learner Jessamyn Stanley today. We discuss her new book, Yoke, but also connect on life, our bodies, self-worth, my #blackgirlluxury purchase of new pots and pans plus a whole...
Published 06/05/23
Hey, hey! This week I'm sharing about how I'm learning to lean into relationships with Black women that allow me to experience more closeness, sisterhood, safety....basically INTIMACY. If you were taught that intimacy is bad, or that it is only about sex, this episode is definitely for you...
Published 05/29/23