Lost and Unfound
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In this episode, Cody and Chris discuss crazy mysterious disappearances (mysterappearances?). First, Cody talks about one of the most massive and modern baffling cases: Malaysian Airlines Flight 370. Then, Chris shares a little-known case from Chile about two cousins who disappeared, years apart from each other, in similar circumstances. Next, Cody discusses three children from the 1800s who disappeared...into the sky (you read that right). Finally, Chris talks about a crazy fascinating case in which a town receives a thousand threatening letters from an anonymous writer. Creep of the Week is the conclusion of Lern’s St. Brigid story (eek!). Drinks this week are Hawkstone Cabernet and Surreal Kolsch.
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In the first holiday episode of the season, Chris and Cody talk about their favorite sexy bear: Santa Claus. First, Cody tells a really messed up story about a butcher who pickled children and were eventually thwarted by St. Nicholas. Then, Chris shares a UFO conspiracy theory, called Santa...
Published 11/29/21
Published 11/29/21
In this minisode, Cody and Chris are back to bring you holiday cheer...or is it fear? First, Cody shares two peoples’ very different experiences seeing Santa Claus (and also a personal story, dun dun dunnnn!). Then, Chris tells a creepy tale of a person who felt a presence in his grandma’s...
Published 11/22/21