Island Dreams: Hawaiian Lore
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In this episode, Cody and Chris celebrate summer by taking you to Hawaii and talking about the fascinating lore there. First, Cody discusses the Pali Highway, where you can’t bring pork without upsetting Kamapua‘a, the Pig God. Then, Chris shares the story of the Night Marchers, ancient warriors cursed to march the islands for eternity (don’t get in their way, or you might end up joining them). Next, Cody talks about the Manoa Chinese Cemetery, an ornate graveyard that contains a tree with a portal to the afterlife. Finally, Chris shares the fiery goddess, Pele, and the curse she’ll bring upon you if you take anything from her domain. Creep of the week is a creepy (SUPER CREEPY) experience from Christian (from the Glitch Cube Podcast). This episode’s drinks are mango lemonade and Kona beer.
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