Hooting Heresy
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In this Halloween minisode, Cody and Chris tell stories of a heretic gold digger and a crazy a** owl attack. First, Chris talks about Alice Kyetler, an Irish “black widow” who disappeared after her conviction, never to be heard from again. Then, Cody tells us about a family’s wild experience with a Lechuza (owl) that may have been the cause of one woman’s cancer. Can you guess next week’s topic?
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In the first holiday episode of the season, Chris and Cody talk about their favorite sexy bear: Santa Claus. First, Cody tells a really messed up story about a butcher who pickled children and were eventually thwarted by St. Nicholas. Then, Chris shares a UFO conspiracy theory, called Santa...
Published 11/29/21
Published 11/29/21
In this minisode, Cody and Chris are back to bring you holiday cheer...or is it fear? First, Cody shares two peoples’ very different experiences seeing Santa Claus (and also a personal story, dun dun dunnnn!). Then, Chris tells a creepy tale of a person who felt a presence in his grandma’s...
Published 11/22/21