What Makes A Good Curry | Steven Towler | Monday Night Meditation at Wat Dhammayanaram
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Monday Night Meditation at Wat Dhammayanaram, Cambodian Society of WA (CBSWA) with Steven Towler on the 5 September 2022. These weekly teachings give an introduction into Meditation and some guidance and basics into the practice of the Buddhist Path. They usually consist of a short talk, thirty minute meditation and then questions & answers. Steven Towler has been a Buddhist for over fifty years. He studied and practised meditation with several well known teachers of the Thai forest tradition. He has translated text from teachers such as Luang Poo Tate, Luang Ta Maha Boowa and Acharn Piak from Thai to English. Please support BSWA in making these teachings available by donating via Patreon or our General Expenses Fund. To download the audio, click on the audio tracks' title to open up in Podbean. More dhamma teachings are available from: BSWA Podcast Channel (Dharma talks and guided meditations) BSWA DeeperDhamma Podbean Channel (retreats and suttas) BSWA YouTube Playlists Books and articles are available on our website. Teaching retrieved from https://thecbswa.org to find out how to attend the monastery in person.
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