WARNING: The Most Unrelatable Podcast Of All Time* (Part 1)
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*Unless you already consider yourself an ultra-high performer In the first episode of a two-part deep dive into Rob’s otherworldly personal optimization, he implores you not to listen to this unless you are an ultra-high performer ready to take the next steps toward true greatness. The information contained herein is so detailed, so next level, only those who are prepared to take this leap will enjoy it. That said, if you are prepared to do what it takes to perpetually evolve, quantify your existence, and reach heights you never even knew were possible, then sit back, relax, and absorb this knowledge bomb of an episode. And make sure to tune into the stunning conclusion next week. Learn more about this episode. Subscribe to Dyrdek Machine Join our Machinist Community Want to be on the show? Sign up here!
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The best moments and biggest learnings from 100 Episodes! We did it! 100 Episodes and still we’re just getting started. In this very special episode, Rob reflects on the origins of the show, how it evolved, and what he’s learned along the way. As a show that spent its early days interviewing...
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Make it simple. Make it measurable. Make yourself happy. If you create simplicity and measurability in several areas of your life, you will then be able to strategize how to achieve those goals, resulting in happiness upon completing those goals. Then you’re able to set new, simple goals,...
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