Linkedin has become a legit platform where you can grow your personal and business brand, make great connections and even sell big ticket items. Brock actually regrets he did not put more attention into developing a Linkedin profile and following. Today Brock interviews Rich Cardona a Linkedin and Personal Branding expert. They will share with you some really great tips on how to get started and why you should add Linkedin to your social media plate. 
Published 09/16/21
Do you know what your numbers are or ROIT? (Return on Investment and Time) Today Bret and Chalene will be talking about knowing your numbers, not your portfolio numbers but your business numbers. Because if you don’t know your numbers you don’t know your business. They will share with you how often they look at their numbers and share with you some advice to help you figure out what you should be doing to be more aware of how well your business is doing and possibly help you make a bit more...
Published 09/14/21
Today Chalene sits down with Angie Lee who is a very successful entrepreneur and a founder of My Soul CBD. Chalene and My Soul CBD have partnered to develop a new product called Sleepi Gummies and they are both super excited about it!! They also discuss what it takes to work with family, how they set themselves up for success when it comes to running a business and having ADHD as well as some fun new projects Angie is working on that may not bring in a ton of money but brings her joy. 
Published 09/09/21
We all know the risk is pretty high that we will have at least one of our social media account  hacked and putting the right protection in place is super important. But in this Quick Tip Tuesday , Brock will share with you another way you can protect the social media following that you worked so hard to grow and serve.
Published 09/07/21
We have all heard of Amazon but did you know that you can actually use the Amazon Reselling to make extra income? Today Brock has invited Amazon expert Amy Hoang as a guest on the show. Brock and Amy talk about how to get started, some common pitfalls, the basic strategies as well as some of the best products to get started with. 
Published 09/02/21
Today’s Quick Tip Tuesday is a quick one but an important update on Instagram features.  Brock breaks down the 2 latest Instagram updates that may or may not have an impact on how you use your Instagram account. 
Published 08/31/21
Chalene feels there are 4 different types of entrepreneurs all with different characteristics. She also feels perhaps those characteristics were developed from a young age.  As you may imagine not all the 4 types achieve success in business and possibly other aspects of their life. So what type are you? And what type is Chalene? Listen and find out!! 
Published 08/26/21
Today’s Quick Tip Tuesday was taken from an Instagram Live Brock did where he answers all the most common questions when it comes to the latest Instagram Updates.  Brock will cover badges, hashtags, how to get paid by Instagram, when the best time to post is and so much more!! 
Published 08/24/21
Today we are sharing with you an interview Chalene did on The Self Publishing School podcast with host Chandler Bolt. You will learn how Chalene was able to successfully (and at times unsuccessfully) write a book with ADHD. Chalene also gives you some amazing tips she learned during this process to help get into the right mindset and environment needed to get that next big project done. 
Published 08/19/21
What is your personal brand? Today on this Quick Tip Tuesday Chalene will share with you what the most important thing you need to consider when developing your own brand. SPOILER ALERT!! It is much simpler than you may think!
Published 08/17/21
Today Brock has invited on the show Michael Elefante who is a fellow entrepreneur and has gained popularity and lots of social media followers all by staying true to his niche and teaching people how they can make extra income with short term rentals and Airbnb with little or no start-up money. Michael and his wife have been so successful that they both were able to leave their corporate jobs and travel full time. 
Published 08/12/21
On today’s Quick Tip Tuesday Brock is going to share with you the latest strategy when it comes to  using Hashtags on Instagram posts.  His thoughts on this may not align with other Instagram experts, but with all the research he has done on the use of Hashtags in Instagram he is pretty confident this latest strategy is correct!! But as we all know the Instagram algorithm has a mind of its own!! 
Published 08/10/21
This episode is a follow-up to Episode 500 — where Chalene and Bret break down their 7 streams of income. Brock feels #500 may have represented a veteran entrepreneur’s perspective, so, today, he decided to break down his 6 streams of income from the angle of the new(er) entrepreneur. Regardless of where you are in your entrepreneurial journey, you’ll find tons of value in both episodes!
Published 08/05/21
If you’re like most people you know you need to create content to attract your ideal lifer and you know you need to be posting things with regard to your niche.  But how do you create content that serves your audience, is sharable, content they save and comment on but most importantly getting people to come back for more. Today Chalene will share with you the content strategy that top creators are using to kill it in social media. Spoiler alert: You are going to need TikTok.
Published 08/03/21
As entrepreneurs we tend to want to do things ourselves thinking it will save us time and money. When it comes to protecting our business and ultimately ourselves, getting legal advice from a professional is a much better idea. Chalene has invited on the show her own personal business attorney Erik Woodbury to answer all the most common questions we get when it comes to protecting your business legally. DISCLAIMER!! This podcast is meant for entertainment purposes only and not to be taken as...
Published 07/29/21
Chalene is the first to admit that she has a million great ideas. She is also great at starting things but not always great at finishing.  Entrepreneurs hate being told what to do and love being the boss but we all have things on our to do list that are just not getting done. Today’s Quick Tip is all about getting things done and why you should get an accountability partner!!
Published 07/27/21
Join the Insta Club Hub to go deep in learning all the latest tips and strategies to Instagram growth and engagement! InstaClubHub.com   Links from today’s episode:  Check out Marketing Impact Academy!! Go to marketingimpactacademy.com Check out all the brand new Push Journal designs!!! Hurry and get yours before they sell out!! www.pushjournal.com Leave Chalene or Brock  a message or ask them a question at  (619) 500-4819 Not sure what your thing is? Go to Chalene.com/MyThing  Learn...
Published 07/22/21
Quality vs Quantity: What matters more when it comes to growing your social media following or in many cases your business? Today Brock will take on this question and give you his own opinion why he feels one is more important than the other. You just may be surprised by what his reasoning is. 
Published 07/20/21
How do you come up with the right price for your product or service? Is it time to change your price? So many entrepreneurs struggle with pricing, Chalene did as well. Today she will share with you her own struggles as well as give you some tips and strategies to help you make this process a bit easier.
Published 07/15/21
On today’s Quick Tip Tuesday Brock breaks down all the new changes coming to Instagram and why he feels you should be excited about the changes and why you should not be worried about the changes. Brock will also tell you why you should probably switch to a creator account if you have not done that already. 
Published 07/13/21
Today Brock sits down with Mike Yan co-founder of ManyChat where they talk about all things Chat Marketing and Instagram Automation. You will be the first to learn about this new AI technology and how you can use it to not only save time responding to your direct messages but also how you can use it to build your business and grow your following. 
Published 07/08/21
What would happen if you went to log into your social media accounts and you were not able to get in? What if you were not able to get in for a week, a month or even longer? What impact would this have on your business? This is something you really need to think about because you may be relying too much on your social media accounts to drive your business. The purpose of this episode is to get you to think about the worst case scenario because it can happen and it probably will at some point.
Published 07/06/21
For anyone thinking of writing a book this episode is for you!! Today Chalene’s guest is Chandler Bolt the CEO of SelfPublishing.com as well as the host of Self Publishing School Podcast. Chalene and Chandler discuss all things book publishing and why self publishing has become the best way to get a book out to the world. 
Published 07/01/21
Chalene hopes that this Quick Tip Tuesday saves you money and a ton of time. This episode is meant to help you get over what might seem like a big obstacle that may be in your way when it comes to scaling your business or getting started on that next big project. 
Published 06/29/21
This episode should be a training tool for anyone who may be working as an assistant to anyone with ADHD!! Chalene is going to share with you her own personal system that she uses to maintain her email inbox. SPOILER ALERT! She only checks her inbox once a week!!
Published 06/24/21