Rob Schaefer, Jason Goff, and Tony Gill discuss if the Bulls have it in them to put up consistent competitive games and does the Bulls re-signing head coach Billy Donovan quietly help or hurt them.
Published 12/02/22
K.C. Johnson speaks with former Bull and rising star for the Utah Jazz Lauri Markkanen on his tenure as a Bull and his current All-Star level play for the Jazz.
Published 11/28/22
Published 11/28/22
Rob and K.C. break down the Celtics win, Zach LaVine's late game benching and the upcoming road trip.
Published 11/22/22
Rob Schaefer and Tony Gill identify the real problems plaguing the Bulls amid their recent swoon and brainstorm solutions.
Published 11/18/22
Rob, K.C. and Jason discuss if the Bulls roster issues are becoming too much for them to overcome.
Published 11/15/22
K.C. Johnson and Rob Schaefer answer mailbag questions from fans about the clutch time issues for the Bulls, Goran Dragić’s great play and more.
Published 11/11/22
Will Perdue, Tony Gill and Rob Schaefer break down if the Bulls are on their way to fixing what plagued them last season.
Published 11/08/22
Metta World Peace joins Jason Goff discusses his new show, his time in Chicago, and his time with Kobe Bryant.
Published 11/03/22
Jason, K.C. and Rob break down the slow acclimation process for Zach LaVine and how will he get back to playing at the level we are all used to and fixing the Bulls' slow starts to games.
Published 11/01/22
Rob Schaefer and K.C. Johnson discuss the instant impact of Andre Drummond and Goran Dragić and if DeMar DeRozan is headed to the Hall of Fame.
Published 10/28/22
K.C. Johnson and Rob Schaefer break down the Bulls’ win over the Celtics. Will this play be sustainable over the course of the season?
Published 10/25/22
On this episode of the Bulls Talk Podcast Rob Schaefer and Will Perdue break down the Bulls first game of the season
Published 10/20/22
On this episode of the Bulls Talk Podcast, K.C. Johnson, Rob Schaefer and Jason Goff preview the Bulls' 2022-2023 season.
Published 10/18/22
On this episode Rob Schaefer and Jason Goff discuss what they learned about the Bulls from their four preseason games.
Published 10/13/22
The Bulls are wrapping up the preseason and getting ready for the regular-season opener. Who will be their starting power forward on October 19?
Published 10/11/22
K.C. Johnson and Rob Schaefer break down the first game of the preseason.
Published 10/06/22
Jason Goff and Rob Schaefer discuss the preseason training camp and one of the biggest concerns for this team, can the offense become more diverse?
Published 10/04/22
K.C. Johnson and Will Perdue discuss what Nikola Vučević needs to do to be better for the Bulls this upcoming season.
Published 09/30/22
Jason Goff, K.C. Johnson, and Tony Gill discuss the sights and sounds of Bulls Media Day 2022.
Published 09/27/22
K.C. Johnson, Jason Goff, and Tony Gill answer your questions form Twitter on Lonzo Ball's knee procedure and more as training camp begins next week.
Published 09/23/22
Rob Schaefer and Jason Goff discuss what they expect to hear and see as Bulls training camp begins next week.
Published 09/20/22
Will Perdue sits with K.C. Johnson to discuss his NBA career and his time as a Bull.
Published 09/15/22
K.C. Johnson sits with Kendall Gill to discuss Kendall's 15-year NBA career including playing against Michael Jordan, his opinion of George Karl, and more.
Published 09/13/22
Rob Schaefer is joined by NBA 2K Developer Erick Boenisch to discuss the newest feature on the game, the "Jordan Moments".
Published 09/09/22