'Party Down' co-creators, Rob Thomas and John Enbom
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Party Down is a show with a simple premise. It's about a group of actors, writers and creative types who work at a catering company called Party Down. Most of the catering employees have big dreams, but to pay the bills they're sort of stuck at the company. To make matters worse, the employees often get involved into some truly absurd and wacky situations. The first two seasons of the show ran more than 10 years ago, but the show is back for a third season. On the latest episode of Bullseye, we're joined by of the co-creators of Party Down, Rob Thomas and John Enbom. They join us to talk about the latest season of the show, and what it was like to revisit the characters after all these years. Plus, they get into why they believed so deeply in the show even when several network executives told them it would never work.
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