Think you’ve got the next billion-dollar idea? Well, hold your horses and get your ducks in a row! Today I’m telling you why you must take your product to the streets before putting your whole life on the line. Plus, a whole new round of rapid-fire questions you don’t wanna miss! Listen in.
Published 09/13/22
If you love what you do you’ll never work a day in your life. Well, what happens when you’re not loving it anymore? Today I’m talking to a caller who’s worried her own business just isn’t doing it for her anymore. Plus, stick around for a new round of rapid-fire questions.
Published 08/30/22
Listen up, ladies, today I'm going to teach you how to be assertive and command respect in the workplace. Plus, I'm sharing my tips on how to get a foot in the real estate door after taking a break from the workforce. Listen in.
Published 08/23/22
Every great business owner knows that word of mouth is essential. But what happens when people aren’t talking? Well, today I’m talking to one caller who’s looking for a surefire way to bring in new clients. Plus, it’s time for the chipmunks to take over for some great rapid-fire questions! Listen in. 
Published 08/16/22
Credit card debt…dun dun. No one wants it, but a lot of people deal with it. Today I’m sharing my best tips on paying it back without letting it set you back. Listen in, and stick around for an all-new round of rapid-fire questions.
Published 08/09/22
Is it true that with age comes wisdom? Today I’m talking to one young caller who’s trying to prove he’s got what it takes to get ahead, despite his young age. And, stick around for an all-new round of rapid-fire questions. Listen in.
Published 08/02/22
Can you rise to the top when you've got your hand on multiple projects? I'm talking to one caller today who's determined to make it work. And stick around to the end for some rapid-fire questions – I’m gonna give it to you straight.
Published 07/26/22
Can family and business ever go together without a hitch? I’m talking to one caller today who's trying to make it work with her sister and still like each other at the dinner table! Plus, a whole new set of rapid-fire questions. Listen in.
Published 07/19/22
It’s time to take your company to the next level! Today I’m sharing the small steps you can take to make your business boom. And stick around for some rapid-fire questions you don’t wanna miss. 
Published 07/12/22
If you want to succeed in business, you've got to surround yourself with the right people. Today I'm talking about who to look for, where to find them, and how to court them to choose you in today’s wild job market. Plus, I’m serving up a round of rapid-fire questions. Listen in, you’re gonna learn a lot!
Published 06/28/22
It’s time to reach your full potential! I’m talking to two callers today who need a little push in the right direction. We’re talking how to get funding, how to market your business online and where to find new customers. Listen in.
Published 06/21/22
Has fear of competition ever stopped you from taking a leap? Today, I'm talking to one caller who's anxious to reopen her restaurant but worries about the guy down the block. Plus, do you dream about selling your business? I'll tell you why you might want to pause and give it a bit more thought. Listen in.
Published 06/14/22
If you’re planning a trip this summer, this episode is for you! ‘The Points Guy’ Brian Kelly breaks down all you need to know about spending miles wisely, choosing the right credit card for you and outsmarting today’s raging airline prices. If you want to score lower fares, maximize your perks and take yourself on the best vacation, listen in.
Published 06/07/22
Enthusiasm is the name of the game! I believe you can get anything you want if you have enough enthusiasm, but what happens when that enthusiasm starts to burn you out? Plus, I'm letting you in on my secret to dealing with a bad boss.
Published 05/31/22
Meditation changed my life, and today I'm talking to the guy who coached me through it. Jeff Warren joins me to break down the benefits of meditation, why many of the most successful people practice it, and why it's okay if you "can't get the hang of it."
Published 05/24/22
Hate your day job? Well, what’s stopping you back from making a change? Today I’m telling a caller why it’s time to move on from his 9 to 5 and start making money for himself. Plus, we talk about why patience is a virtue when it comes to scaling your business.
Published 05/17/22
Today I'm joined by one of my rockstar entrepreneurs, Sarah Moret of Curie. Curie is a natural deodorant brand that blew me away on the set of Shark Tank's season 13. We talk about Sarah's shocking Shark Tank journey, her unique strategy that's gotten Curie a spot on the most enviable shelves and where she sees the business going. If you want to take your business from beginning to booming, listen in.
Published 05/10/22
How do I hire the right people? And how do I find my passion? Two loaded questions that I hear almost every day! Today I’m tackling them head on to help you move ahead. And stick around to hear my answers to some of your burning questions from my Business Unusual Facebook group.
Published 05/03/22
Web3, NFTs, what's it all about? Today, I sit down with Lisa Mayer, co-founder of Boss Beauties. We chat about juggling a family and an empire, how Boss Beauties empowers women and the future of NFTs. Plus, we talk about how she made $2.3 million dollars in one day flat. Listen in, you're gonna learn a lot about this new world we're living in.
Published 04/26/22
It’s time to take it up a notch! Today I’m talking with a fiery young woman who’s looking to expand her business and I’ve got just the secret to take it to the next level. Next, I’m talking with a devoted husband who’s helping his wife take her business nationwide. And stick around, I’m answering your burning questions from my brand new Business Unusual Facebook group! This episode is sponsored by BetterHelp. Visit https://betterhelp.com/barbara for 10% off your first month.
Published 04/19/22
Do you believe in luck, or do you think you have to make it happen for yourself? This week I’m sitting down with the ultimate go-getter Ed Mylett to talk about growing up with an alcoholic father, entrepreneurship and his new book, The Power of One More. Listen in, you’re going to learn a lot about second chances. This episode is sponsored by BetterHelp. Visit https://betterhelp.com/barbara for 10% off your first month.
Published 04/12/22
If you’ve a business idea you’re itching to get off the ground, you’ve come to the right place! Today I’m talking about the power of accountability, choosing the right partner, and the first step to take when you think you’ve got the next million-dollar product. And stick around til the end - I’m answering your burning questions from my brand new Business Unusual Facebook group!
Published 04/05/22
There's something about Carrie! I first met Carrie Chiang way back when I was starting The Corcoran Group, and I knew I needed to have her on my team. Since then, Carrie has become the number 1 sales broker in all of New York City. To put it in perspective, Carrie surpassed $200 million in sales this year alone...before the start of March! We chat about how she got her start, why she's so successful and her real estate relationship with Donald Trump. Plus, she gives me her best advice for...
Published 03/29/22
There's a lot of talk about work life balance, but I've gotta admit I'm not buying it! This week I'll tell you the truth about what it takes to juggle a family and a career and keep everyone happy. Plus, we're talking how to keep your focus and avoid burnout. Got a question? Call me at 888-Barbara and I might just answer it on a future episode. Subscribe to Business Unusual with Barbara Corcoran on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you listen. This episode is sponsored by BetterHelp....
Published 03/22/22