Happy Y’alliday!
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This week, Busy & Caissie discuss the problematic origins of Thanksgiving as we know them & suggest alternative themes for celebration. Plus, they discuss whether gossip is ever okay or not, and they reveal a giant lie they once told a bunch of people. As Busy prepares to mount a giant Peacock to ride through Times Square in the Macy’s Day Parade, she ponders a potentially explosive question & both women share how they’ve been doing their individual bests. SPONSORS: TryBite.com/BEST PROMO CODE: BEST for 20% off your first subscription order ForiaWellness.com/BEST promo code: BEST for 20% off your 1st purchase of Foria sexual intimacy products ThePillClub.com/BUSY For each BPIDHB listener who orders, The Pill Club will donate $10 to Bedsider.org to help low-income individuals get access to birth control too JuneShine.com/BUSY PROMO CODE: BUSY for 20% off + free shipping Zocdoc.com/DoingHerBest to download the app & sign up for FREE HelixSleep.com/Best up to $200 off mattress orders, plus two free pillows
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Caissie St. Onge: This week, Busy and Caissie did their best at some pretty basic stuff, but nevertheless, they are proud of it! Plus, they discuss the Vulture profile of Joss Whedon & try to finally get to the bottom of what cryptocurrency is & why celebrities are suddenly tweeting about...
Published 01/19/22
This week, Busy’s got a sick co-worker & a sick kid & one less set of sheets. But she’s doing her best! Even when it’s cold outside, Busy’s just “Dolly Parton-ing It!” She also shares something at which she hasn’t been doing her best. Meanwhile, Caissie is thinking a lot about the actual...
Published 01/12/22
Published 01/12/22