Panic on the Peacock!
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This week, Busy discusses how the third time was the charm when seeing Harry Styles. And she breaks down what happened on the float during the Thanksgiving Day parade & why she had a panic attack right on the Peacock. Caissie talks about what happened during Thanksgiving dinner at her house & how a potentially devastating disaster was narrowly averted. Mostly. Both women share how they are doing their best this week & Busy confesses the secret to how she earned her reputation for authenticity on social media. Plus, she has something to tell Caissie that she is worried might make her mad. Does it? Find out! SPONSORS: CODE: BEST for 15% off infrared wellness devices PROMO CODE: BEST for 20% off your first mani system for 30 days of full access, free for 20% off 1st order for 15% off 1st order CODE: BEST30 for 30% off 1st purchase
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This week has felt like a year and Busy and Caissie are talking through the pain, remembering Louie Anderson and others who left us too soon this week. TW: suicide. The women go extremely deep on how certain media platforms work and why they believe misinformation is allowed to go unchecked. They...
Published 01/26/22
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Published 01/19/22