Brooke Turner would have been 40 years old tomorrow. She passed away on February 2 from Stage IV breast cancer, nearly five years after her initial diagnosis. Cancer is not her legacy, though; that's spelled out here in her own words, chronicling the...
Published 02/26/20
Susan and Jason Smith faced the unimaginable nine years ago: their two-month-old daughter passed away while recovering from open heart surgery.Born perfect and pink despite a severe congenital heart defect called HLHS, Emerson Rose Smith inspired her...
Published 02/19/20
February is American Heart Month, and today's story will warm yours - and possibly give it (like mine) some palpitations. The Poole family was planning a low-key night of burgers and Clemson football when Stephen returned from the grill to find Mandy, 8 weeks pregnant and 32 years old, unresponsive on the couch beside their two children. He checked for a pulse and, finding none, performed 11 minutes of (untrained) CPR to keep Mandy and their baby alive. While she and two-year-old Owen are...
Published 02/12/20
Where did the Sussexit arrangement land? Anne walks you through it.
Published 01/22/20
Anne dives into the changing roles of Harry and Meghan.
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Emilie Blanchard wants us to start small and end big.
Published 01/08/20
Kim Banks wants you to examine the way you drink and how it makes you feel.
Published 12/18/19
Kim Mogan says the girls she mentors are people, not projects.
Published 12/11/19
It's almost Christmas! Can we chat?
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Gavin Hendricksen was tired of being brushed off, so she fought to find out what was wrong with her.
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Today I lend you my dearest friend, who shares her stellar advice on friendship.
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Hadley Eddings' story made headlines and broke hearts.
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There's a lot more to blogging than snapping a selfie.
Published 10/30/19
Counselor Amanda Banks talks post partum mental health.
Published 10/23/19
Published 10/16/19
Published 10/09/19
You say tomahto, I say you're half American, so call me Mom!
Published 10/02/19
A chat with Dawn Burns, a.k.a. The Nashville Mom.
Published 09/25/19
Danica Thomas is "carrying the ruck" for her late husband.
Published 09/18/19
Educator Bonnie McClain says "dyslexic" is just a label.
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Charleston matchmaker Buffie Lilly wishes we'd do more talking and less swiping.
Published 09/04/19
The Nichols family's Annie Banannie Foundation is bringing hope from heartache.
Published 08/28/19
Kelli Ingram's passion for foster care starts at home.
Published 08/21/19
Just learned I can legally run for president after all! Here are my slogan options.
Published 08/14/19