Spring Break for Grown-Ups
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Do women have hobbies? Do grown-ups know how to blow off steam? Is it possible to relax while both doing and NOT doing something? Let's dive in to what spring break could look like for grown-ups. Come back later this week for a meatier interview; in the meantime, let's imagine we've rented the largest beach house known to mankind and dedicated each room to a different fantastic activity. (Yes, napping is an activity.) I can't wait to hear what the perfect solo spring break would look like for you? (Solo meaning no partner, no kids, no pets, no mortgages, no responsibilities. Just you, maybe some like-minded ladies, and oodles of the snacks of your choice.) xoxo, A.
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Published 08/25/22
Nothing about growing up is easy, whether you have kids or not. To be candid, my four children have done nothing but make clear how NOT grown up or prepared I am for the realities of life with children in 2022. Today, Meg and Mary Flo of Birds & Bees are here to save us. And maybe our sanity...
Published 08/25/22
There aren’t words for today, just loosely connected thoughts and a deep, aching well of feelings. If you need a friend’s voice right now, here’s one. 💗 This episode was released earlier today on Patreon. 
Published 05/25/22