Episode 24: Love, Let Go and Still Love
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Kelli Ingram's passion for foster care starts at home.
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Our 95th episode focuses on a topic listeners have requested for months: faith. Where does one start? How can you deconstruct a lifetime of beliefs and rebuild new, deeper ones? What role does spirituality have in modern society? How has the need to congregate changed during Covid? Rev. Kendra...
Published 05/13/21
(A little caveat: It's Mother's Day week. If you're in a tender spot around parenthood, loss, or pregnancy, be gentle with yourself and pick another episode. Shoot me a DM and we'll find just the words you need to hear today.) "Ten in ten." That's how Margot Guy describes the losses she and her...
Published 05/06/21
Since discovering Dear Abby in the early '90s, my dream has been to have an advice column. Giving people wisdom you'd never live out yourself - how does adulthood get better than that? Here we dive into an hour of DMs, comments and other listener submissions ranging from unwanted houseguests,...
Published 04/29/21