Episode 24: Love, Let Go and Still Love
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Kelli Ingram's passion for foster care starts at home.
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I've heard you never know the strength of a woman, much like a tea bag, until she's in hot water. In the case of public schools, I'd say the "hot water" is a pandemic. And here we are, making tea.Today Catherine Schumacher, a parent of two Greenville...
Published 09/17/20
Meet Kathryn Whitaker, a wife and working mom who reads the same headlines and faces the same daily struggles most of us do. In perhaps the busiest season of a woman's life, and definitely the weirdest year any of us has faced, Kathryn has added a new...
Published 09/10/20
I can think of no better opener than Michael Scott's, "Well, well, well - how the turntables have..."In this episode, listener favorite April Robson (episodes 14 & 15) takes the mic to interview ME. She asks about our family's story, what inspired...
Published 09/03/20