Episode 24: Love, Let Go and Still Love
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Kelli Ingram's passion for foster care starts at home.
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"It just feels like the world is on fire." If I had a dollar for every time I'd heard that sentence this last month, I'd be treating you to an extra-large Chick-fil-A combo meal by now.The scales on many of our eyes have fallen away in recent weeks;...
Published 06/11/20
This episode isn't a sermon or a lecture; I'm not qualified to deliver either. Instead, it's a window into what I'm doing and an invitation to join me in learning and listening. It's time for more than a broken heart emoji on a social media post, but...
Published 05/28/20
Let's consider today's episode the first of many about intuitive eating - a self-care framework that pulls our focus inward, away from diet culture and external authorities on wellness.Truth be told, it's a scary concept for many of us. Trust our...
Published 05/21/20