Spotify's Latest Changes: What You Need To Know with Krystal Proffitt
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In this episode, Krystal Proffitt joins Jordan and Kevin to talk about what happened at Podcast Movement Evolutions in Las Vegas and how to access all of Spotify's newest features. View the DISCUSSION THREAD on Twitter! Visit Krystal's website at to find her amazing podcasting resources and follow her podcast! PODCAST MOVEMENT EVOLUTIONS PODNEWS REPORT CARD Podtrac Podcast Platform Data Podnews Report Card SPOTIFY'S NEWEST ANNOUNCEMENTS Support the showContact Buzzcast • Tweet us at @buzzcastpodcast, @albanbrooke, @kfinn, and @JordanPods • Send a "boostagram" through Fountain or Castamatic • Email us at [email protected] Thanks for listening & keep podcasting!
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