CABTalk S2E4: Revolutionizing Healthcare with Cloud Computing - Jo Bhakdi CEO of Quantgene
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Cloud computing is helping revolutionize the personalized healthcare space with 21st century Computer-Aided Biology tools. Next generation sequencing technologies capable of generating more data than ever before, the storage, processing and analysis of that data is more than a single machine can handle. Enter the cloud. In this episode we talk with Jo Bhakdi, CEO of Quantgene, a company bringing the power of next generation deep sequencing to liquid biopsies to search for early signs of cancer. He tells us how the cloud plays a critical role in managing all that data and how their technology aims to increase the human life span by a decade within a decade. Quantgene are working with Serenity, a system which utilizes Quantgene's liquid biopsy and AI, and has turned it into a customer-facing product. For US customers who are interested in liquid biopsy for early cancer signal detection and whole exome sequencing, and who want to incorporate the Serenity system into a preventative health plan, visit and use the discount code CAB15 for 15% off at checkout.
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