Does Diane just try too hard? Is this Blackthorn's first job? Did Laszlo think the Queen of Tara Tiara replica-replica was his ticket out of the friend zone? Was there ever a moment Andrea considered doing the right thing? And will Ken stop creepily hanging around Siobhan's apartment now? Trigger the alarm and blow the doors out, we're talking Wearing Of The Green!
Published 01/22/21
Are grand declarations a good idea prior to filing subpoenas? Bridie or Birdie? What do the guys in the dynamite factory say? And why is Reese such a dweeb? Lock your door, fry up some chicken and hold on to your Shakespeare, its Coal Miner's Slaughter!
Published 01/15/21
Who really was skiing in the red parka? Was Gunnar a guru on skis or the baron of sleaze? Did Johnny make the team after all? Was this the worst day of Pamela's life? And will the Doc find needle-point fulfilling? Hold on to your room key, dodge the crossbow fire and hit the slopes because they're Snow White, Blood Red!
Published 01/08/21
How many bodies are buried in that yard? Is Lillian really dizzy or is that a front? Did Ole Korshack project so much failure that the bank employees weren't concerned about his suspicious behavior? And how long has Helen been honing those forgery skills? Join us for the episode where Metzger's on the case and Winston digs through the clues, its time for "Mr Penroy's Vacation".
Published 01/01/21
Have you ever met a thief with a specific vendetta, a built in alibi and a personal moral code? Was everyone at that party working a separate agenda? Are balcony drops better than elevators? And is this just a story about people who don't want to work and the various schemes they come up with? Join us as we watch this episode's Stantformation into a show about a dude who only lies when his lips move, its time for A Little Night Work.
Published 12/27/20
The 'Chronicle' or 'Rolling Stone'? Will Lancaster get to keep the fish when he retires? What was Santiago's story? And is Warren Peace the greatest musician who never lived? Join us as we uncover the truth behind 'Mike' Haggerty's elite espionage position, it's pretty much like every other workplace except for the fake names, as we talk 'JB As In Jailbird'!
Published 12/20/20
Its the season four recap where we, uh, ...recap season four.
Published 12/13/20
Why aren’t all speeches written by mystery writers? Was that Bud really for anyone? Would you call that claw hammer a political tool or a business solution? And what’s up with the cheese on the fillet o fish? Its all fun and games until the dude from Green Acres throws you off a balcony in the season four finale, The Body Politic!
Published 12/12/20
Does one 'play' a play? How many states are in Perceptual New England? Are we distracting or relevant? And why are there so many speaking roles in this episode? Come along and listen to Damien's ignorance of theater eclipse his ignorance of geography as we talk 'Deadpan'.
Published 12/06/20
Will Jill learn the right lessons from her time with Marty? Will Consuela everget back in her trailer? Does Luke own any other pants or did he blow his clothing budget on disguise glasses? And with a name like Strychnine can you ever relax? So get that bull a model train set Buster, we're heading to the rodeo for a Showdown In Saskatchewan!
Published 11/28/20
What were Anton Chekhov’s thoughts on frozen fish? Who wants a pitchfork of burning meat? What are the style rules for pairing bolo-ties and leather vests? And does this episode contain the best murder weapon in MSW history? Pull that Yellowtail out of the freezer (for personal protection) and join us even though its ‘Just Another Fish Story’.
Published 11/21/20
Will the Tilly Adams house be featured on House Hunters: Cabot Cove? Is Eve Simpson a hyper-focused professional or a stone cold sociopath? Was Alastair a tormented fan or a dangerous man? And are mung beans better or worse when burnt? Take an inventory of your possessions and hide the valuables behind brick #3, we're coming to your place to chat about the time Benedict Arnold Slipped Here!
Published 11/14/20
Is it a bigger faux pas to not appreciate the quality of a good wine or to not detect the poison added to it? Will family dinners be awkward for Michelle when Ben Skyler is brought up? And is Salvatore really dying or is this another attempt to bring his family together while evading justice? Pour a glass of your finest vintage and join us for a party where the food is plentiful and the music is reminiscent of a popular 90s McDonalds campaign, its 'A Very Good Year For Murder'.
Published 11/07/20
When having a medical emergency while driving, is it best to accelerate downhill while swerving wildly? Why is it so hard to say “Carl Cosgrove”? What else was in JB’s file? And did Francis prefer dressing like a priest because he didn’t own a good suit? Join us in the safehouse while we look in on a Murder Through The Looking Glass!
Published 10/31/20
Is it ever a good idea to give up after one attempt when trying to warn someone they are being poisoned? Will Deidre be cast as Jessica in the play Eugene is writing about the events of this episode? Who will play Deidre if she is? And why are we so concerned with this? Grab a fan and tuck your tie into your pants while we head to the deep south for proposals and grits while Mourning Among The Wisterias!
Published 10/24/20
What is the market rate for cursed rubies these days? Are Carolyn and Mark terrible by nature or nurture? Does not telling people about his cursed cobra nightmares contribute to or detract from Vikram's success? And how many times have you been fooled by the old cigarette in the latch trick? Its family reunions, polo heckling and attempted murder at Richie Hazlitt's place, we're talking 'Curse Of The Daanav'!
Published 10/17/20
Is Leonard an astronomer genius or coffee spilling hack? Will Carrie ever stop relocating in an attempt to escape her inner turmoil? How do you please someone who only wants to talk about comets until he is asked to talk about comets? And does Aunt Edna even have bursitis? So get computering on that telescope and don't call Thor by his first name while we keep a lookout for a 'Harbinger of Death'.
Published 10/10/20
Is #floak going to take off? How scary can you be with the name Elmo? Can you get 'hopped up' on Sleepy Time Tea? Is it customary for a deputy to provide their own uniform? And has anyone ever successfully pretended to be their own answering machine? Gather the Framily! It's time to impose on in-laws and enjoy a sleepy New England feast. But first, Who Threw the Barbitals in Mrs. Fletcher's Chowder?
Published 10/03/20
What was a computer operator salary in 1987? Why wasn't Charlotte Rae fronting any of the bands on the Monolith of Death tour? And couldn't Mark just wait for his next review? Set up that suplex and throw on a Willa Ford album - we're at season 4, episode 11; Doom with a View.
Published 09/26/20
Why couldn't we just get a bookend? When will land developers learn to stay out of Cabot Cove? How does Charlie Peabody's motel stay in business? And why did we decide to do every episode in order? Try to figure out if this episode is bad, inept, offensive or some combination of the three, its episode 10 of season 4!
Published 09/25/20
Is Luis Framm just a jaded Grady? Did Eddie crash because he isn't good at thinking ahead or could he just not see over his mustache? When will anyone explain to the Garden of Eden staff that Jessica isn't actually Mary Rose? And can Martha find happiness in a mall job? Come with us to the west coast's answer to Cabot Cove while we talk about MSW's "Trouble In Eden".
Published 09/12/20
Is Danger Doctor the original unconventional detective? Why did Gayle even go to the meeting if she didn't want to work in television? Was this Sid Sharkey's first gift? Why did Gary do it? Why wasn't it Gary that did it? Come listen to Jennie talk about Gary's guns and Damien just want to talk about Gary in season 4, episode 8; 'Steal Me A Story'.
Published 08/30/20
Is it fair for Seth to blame the calamari’s failure on a DOA call? What would Johnathan do with an eighth day in the week? Will Amos ever recover from his beauty parlor migraine? And will he be able to get a date now that Johnathan’s leaving town? So get ready to gossip and berate Coreen or maybe just hide in the corner with a magazine and a coffee because “If It’s Thursday, It Must Be Beverly”!
Published 08/20/20
On a scale of 'The Doodlebops' to 'Die Antwoord', how controversial is Emma's spooning song? Will Emma and JB swap tales of their crime solving exploits on their next long distance call? And how fast did news of the arrest hit the Garden Club circuit? Grab a pint, skip the herring and call your identical cousin because it's time for season 4, episode 6; 'It Runs in the Family'.
Published 08/16/20
Can a tennis match reveal corporate leadership strength?Is it medically sound to pull a TV into a hot tub to stop a heart attack? How much glass was smashed or stolen in this episode? And will Tom and Morgan bond over their shared experiences of murderously minded wives? Take your seat at the table but skip that moment of silence as we enter the cutthroat corporate world in season 4, episode 5 - The Way to Dusty Death.
Published 08/09/20