36- Sex Sins & Girls DMing First
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Alex and Sofia are talking datings apps and sliding into the DMs, specifically for girls who are not shooting their shot and absolutely need to be. They are also talking sex ‘sins,' where they cover the basics like foreplay, screaming and scratching but also include some you haven't thought of and are probably committing. You don't deserve to f*** if you are doing these!! Finally, the girls lose their s**t while trying to explain the newest most underrated sex position. Not for the easily offended. P.S. girls need to stop crying about getting hit on. Knock. it. off. 
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Sofia and Alex PROMISE that after this episode, you will eat the clam and make her O in a way that has not been done before. The. Seven. Wonders. Of. The. Pussy. Eating. World. As an extension of the 'C***h Gobbler,' there is something for even the most advanced sex gurus to learn. Also, the...
Published 06/26/19
The girls discuss their encounter with a #daddygang member at a drug store in NY and let's just say s**t got wild! They also introduce some new sex pointers, including a move that Alex said made a man cum in under one minute- cue the ‘Pendulum Pussy'. And lastly, they get into REJECTION. It's...
Published 06/19/19
The girls finally get into all things SQUIRTING. What is it, how to do it, how to fake it, are men into it? Give HIM a facial! Squirt or be squirted on. They also discuss some criminal activity they witnessed at the bar by multiple men, a serious Gluck Gluck update, and some new social media...
Published 06/12/19