Keir Starmer sat down with Robert Peston and Daniel Hewitt for a special interview to mark the podcast's 100th episode - this one really is a must listen. This will be the last episode for a while as we take a break for Parliamentary recess. Remember to like, subscribe and rate us five stars!
Published 07/22/21
Daniel and Robert discuss the lifting of coronavirus restrictions and how rising cases will mean more and more people are forced to self-isolate. Plus Great British Bake Off star Prue Leith on how to tackle obesity. Remember to like, subscribe and rate us five stars!
Published 07/16/21
The government has revealed its plan for the final step of the Covid roadmap - but for some 'freedom day' is inspiring fear. Robert Peston analyses the decision and tells the story of those who are worried about its implications. Then Dan Hewitt talks to ITV News Health Producer Alex Cherrie about the reaction from front-line medics. Plus Shehab Khan interviews cricket legend Michael Holding about his new book. Remember to like, share and rate us five stars!
Published 07/07/21
Kim Leadbeater beat expectations to win the Batley and Spen by-election - Shehab talks to ITV News Political Correspondent Libby Wiener from the constituency. Plus Robert gets into the detail of Matt Hancock's resignation and Dan talks to Sajid Javid's former advisor Salma Shah about the newly appointed Health Secretary. Remember to subscribe, like and rate us five stars!
Published 07/02/21
Can the travel industry handle more uncertainty? The boss of TUI talks to Daniel Hewitt about the impact the UK's "cynical" travel rules are having on the sector. Plus, Robert calls from Israel to give a Calling Peston special report about their new government, the success of the vaccine rollout and shaking hands again. Remember to subscribe, like and rate us five stars!
Published 06/24/21
Robert has been saying it for weeks, but now the government have finally confirmed that the lockdown easing will be postponed from June 21 to July 19. He talks to Dan Hewitt about the reasons for the decision and whether this will be the last delay to the roadmap. 
Plus Shehab Khan interviews Ed Miliband about losing the election in 2015 and his ideas for fixing the world. Remember to subscribe, like and rate us five stars!
Published 06/17/21
The G7 summit has started with Boris Johnson playing host - but could a ‘sausage war’ disrupt the agenda? Dan Hewitt talks to Robert Peston who is enjoying the best Cornwall has to offer. 
Plus Shehab Khan talks to restaurateur Asma Khan about the need for clarity on the June 21 easing. Remember to subscribe, like and rate us five stars!
Published 06/11/21
Michael Rosen talks to Shehab about the three months he spent in hospital with Covid and his gratitude to the NHS workers who cared for him. Plus, will the June 21 unlocking go ahead? Robert answers the question on everyone's mind. And the podcast has finally made it into the big leagues by appearing on ITV's The Chase - but where else have the team popped up on TV? Remember to subscribe, like and rate us five stars!
Published 06/03/21
Personal attacks, swine flu, pox parties, and Jeff Goldblum - it was the committee session that had it all. But will any of Dominic Cummings’ evidence matter? Robert Peston, Daniel Hewitt and Shehab Khan answer the question of the hour and break down all the major points from the seven hour session in just 25 minutes. Remember to subscribe, like and rate us five stars!
Published 05/27/21
Traffic lights, travel and variants - will the roadmap be delayed? Robert Peston, Shehab Khan and Daniel Hewitt discuss a week of mixed messaging on international travel that has left the public wondering whether amber means green or red. Plus, cases of the Indian variant continue to grow, leading to concerns about the final step of the roadmap. Shehab talks to Professor Linda Bauld about the variant and it’s potential impact on future easing. And the team lament the problems of technology...
Published 05/20/21
Jeremy Corbyn on Labour's future - plus the Covid inquiry Former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn pulls no punches in this exclusive interview with Daniel Hewitt and Shehab Khan. He comments on everything from Keir Starmer, the local elections loss, cabinett reshuffles and more - it really is a must listen. Plus, Robert examines a future inquiry into the coronavirus crisis. Remember to like, subscribe and rate us five stars!
Published 05/12/21
Robert and Shehab breakdown the election results, from Labour's defeat in England to the SNP's historic win. ITV News Scotland correspondent Peter Smith also joins to discuss if IndyRef2 is still on the cards. Remember to like, subscribe, and rate us five stars!
Published 05/08/21
Is a 'full scale crisis' around the corner for Boris Johnson? Robert Peston says he could soon face 'an incredible humiliation' and 'calls for him to resign', depending on the outcome of investigations into the refurb of his Downing Street flat. Plus Shehab Khan chats to award winning political cartoonist Graeme Bandeira about lampooning the government. Remember to like, subscribe, and rate us five stars!
Published 04/29/21
Will claims of Tory sleaze stick? Plus John Barnes on how to fix football Robert, Shehab and Dan look at accusations of sleaze against the government and assess whether Labour attacks are causing any damage. Plus, special guest, Liverpool FC legend John Barnes shares his plan for fixing football after the collapse of the European Super League. Remember to like, subscribe and rate us five stars!
Published 04/22/21
Cameron, Johnson, and the murky world of lobbying - plus, what's it like to grow up mixed race? The Calling Peston team is back to examine the lobbying scandal which is engulfing the Tory Party. Shehab and Dan tell you everything you need to know, while Robert gives insight and analysis. Our special guest is author Natalie Morris talks to us about her new book, 'Mixed/Other', which explores what life is like growing up mixed race in the UK. Remember to like, subscribe, and rate us five...
Published 04/15/21
Will you really need a passport to go to the pub? And why is the UK compromising in the EU vaccine dispute? 
The ITV News Politics Podcast discuss all the key vaccine developments and call Robert to get his take on Boris Johnson's latest strategy, plus - away from the pandemic - why Home Secretary Priti Patel's plans to deal with migrants appear to raise more questions than they answer. Meanwhile, Shehab is humbled by Daniel's jaw-dropping reporting on atrocious housing, the team react to...
Published 03/26/21
Former home secretary Alan Johnson is our special guest this week. We also discuss vaccine nationalism and whether other countries can impact the UK's jab rollout. In a deep dive interview, former Labour minister Alan Johnson talks about everything from switching politics for writing, his sympathy for ministers during the pandemic and thoughts on whether Labour can win the next election. Remember to like, subscribe, and rate us five stars.
Published 03/18/21
Jess Phillips on violence against women - plus, how Meghan interview impacts No10 Special guest Labour's Jess Phillips, takes us through how we can tackle violence against women, following the killing of Sarah Everard. Plus, Robert Peston explains what impact the bombshell Harry and Meghan interview has had on Downing Street. Remember to like, subscribe and rate us five stars!
Published 03/12/21
Listen to our Budget special for all you need to know about Chancellor Rishi Sunak's plan for the economy in 2021 and beyond. Expert insight from Politics Editor Robert Peston, plus correspondents Shehab Khan and Daniel Hewitt. Remember to like, subscribe and rate us five stars!
Published 03/04/21
Salmond, Sturgeon and the fight for Scottish independence We explore the fascinating row between Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and her predecessor Alex Salmond - and whether it will impact their fight for independence from the UK. ITV News Presenter Julie Etchingham is our special guest this week. She's filmed a documentary on the issue of Scottish independence and tells us all about it. We also have Robert Peston looking ahead to next week's Budget. Remember to like,...
Published 02/25/21
Everything you need to know about the roadmap out of lockdown is in this special episode of Calling Peston. How realistic is it that nightclubs could open in June? Will we need to prove we've had a Covid-19 vaccine to get inside? Plus, how much financial support will Rishi Sunak provide in his Budget next week? There'll be another episode of the podcast released later this week. Remember to like, subscribe, and rate us five stars!
Published 02/23/21
Everyone is well overdue a holiday, but will we be able to have one this year? Robert and Shehab discuss whether people will be able to go abroad in summer, amid the ever-present threat of new coronavirus variants. They also discuss Boris Johnson's roadmap out of lockdown, whether it will include the reopening of pubs, and when we'll get more of our freedom back. Special guest this week is Professor Linda Bauld, a public health expert at University of Edinburgh, who talks to us about...
Published 02/11/21
Comedian and writer David Baddiel is our special guest this week; he gives an eye-opening account of anti-Semitism and the unusual way it is not taken seriously by anti-racists. It really is a must-listen. In the first half of the podcast we discuss the economy and the Bank of England's optimistic assessment of the future. Of course, we also talk about the fascinatingly hilarious insight into local politics, provided to us by the members of Handforth Parish Council. Remember to like,...
Published 02/05/21
Robert and Daniel discuss the recent vaccine dispute between the EU and AstraZeneca, as well as coronavirus vaccine breakthroughs in the UK. Plus Good Morning Britain political editor and Strictly Come Dancing star Ranvir Singh is our special guest interview this week.
Published 01/29/21
This week's special guest is Bez from the Happy Mondays - it's a must listen. In the rest of the episode we look at Covid vaccine priorities - who will be next in line after the UK's most vulnerable? We also discuss how much longer lockdown will go on, and what Joe Biden's presidency means for the UK.
Published 01/21/21